Solid State Questions for NEET (Solid State Electrical Properties)

Solid State Questions for NEET (Solid State Electrical Properties) for AIIMS, NEET, JEE provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts in the fields of Solid State Chemistry. It contains a variety of questions from previous years’ AIIMS, NEET and JEE papers.

Solid State Questions for NEET (Solid State Electrical Properties)

1. For a metallic crystal, which band do the delocalized electrons occupy?

a) Conduction band

b) Valence band

c) Both, conduction and valence bands

d) There are no delocalized electrons

Answer: Conduction band

2. A substance containing one band completely filled with electrons and other band completely empty, but with a possibility of the empty band becoming populated, behaves as a _________

a) metal

b) non-metal

c) semiconductor

d) metal and non-metal

Answer: semiconductor

3. Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. This property is conferred by _______ bonds.

a) covalent

b) ionic

c) metallic

d) hydrogen

Answer: metallic

4. Which of the following properties holds true for a metalloid?

a) Poor conductors of heat and electricity

b) Malleable

c) Ductile

d) Non-brittle

Answer: Poor conductors of heat and electricity

5. According to the band theory, increase in number of atoms participating in crystal formation leads to ________ in number of molecular orbitals containing electrons.

a) decrease

b) increase

c) no change

d) either increase or decrease, depending upon the size of the atoms

Answer: increase

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