Solutions Chemistry Class 12 MCQ PDF (Expressing Concentration of Solutions)

Solutions Chemistry Class 12 MCQ PDF (Expressing Concentration of Solutions) for AIIMS, NEET, JEE provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts in the fields of Solutions Chemistry. It contains a variety of questions from previous years’ AIIMS, NEET and JEE papers.

Solutions Chemistry Class 12 MCQ PDF (Expressing Concentration of Solutions)

1. Iron (III) oxide chunks contain 80 ppm silica (SiO2). What is the concentration of this impurity in mass%?

a) 0.008%

b) 0.080%

c) 0.800%

d) 8.000%

Answer: 0.008%

2. Consider 100 ml of 0.3 molar solution formed by dissolving 3.33g of XCl2 in water. What is the molar mass of element X? (Atomic mass of Cl = 35.5)

a) 9

b) 24

c) 40

d) 87

Answer: 40

3. What is the molality of a dilute aqueous 0.02 N H3PO4 solution?

a) 0.0050

b) 0.0200

c) 0.00330

d) 0.0067

Answer: 0.0067

4. What is the molarity of a 15 ml, 2 M aqueous solution when 285 ml of water is added to it?

a) 0.400 M

b) 0.100 M

c) 0.111 M

d) 0.105 M

Answer: 0.100 M

5. Calculate the volume (mL) of concentrated acid required to prepare 500 mL of 0.25 N HCl solution from concentrated stock HCl solution (specific gravity = 1.19) and 37.2% (by mass).

a) 12.128 mL

b) 20.613 mL

c) 10.307 mL

d) 24.256 mL

Answer: 10.307 mL

6. Calculate the mole fraction of A if 25g of it is dissolved in 50 moles of B. Given the molar mass of A is 25 g/mole.

a) 0.0196

b) 0.5000

c) 0.3333

d) 0.9259

Answer: 0.0196

7. Which of the following concentration determine techniques gives a more accurate value?

a) Molarity

b) Molality

c) Formality

d) Normality

Answer: Molality

8. In a saturated solution with endothermic dissolution, how does the concentration of dissolved solute change with increasing then decreasing temperature?

a) Keeps increasing

b) Keeps decreasing

c) Increases and decreases

d) Decreases and increases

Answer: Decreases and increases

9. What symbol is used to denote ‘molality’?

a) M

b) m

c) mM

d) n

Answer: m

10. What is the molality of a solution formed when 58.5g of NaCl is dissolved in 2000 mL of water?

a) 29.2500 m

b) 0.5000 m

c) 0.0005 m

d) 0.2925 m

Answer: 0.5000 m

11. What is the molarity of 20% (w/v) H2SO4 solution?

a) 0.51 M

b) 1.02 M

c) 4.08 M

d) 2.04 M

Answer: 2.04 M

12. What is a solution called when the concentration of the solute equals its solubility in the solvent?

a) Dilute

b) Saturated

c) Unsaturated

d) Supersaturated

Answer: Saturated

13. If 2 L, 4 L and 6 L of three separate solutions of concentrations 1 M, 2 M and 3 M, respectively, are mixed together then what is the concentration of the resultant mixture?

a) 2.333 M

b) 6.000 M

c) 3.333 M

d) 1.500 M

Answer: 2.333 M

14. What is the number of moles in 650 mL of 98% (v/v) sulfuric acid solution if density of sulfuric acid is 1.83 g/cm3?

a) 63.7

b) 11.9

c) 6.5

d) 11.6

Answer: 11.9

15. What does the unit ‘mmole/kg’ represent?

a) Molarity

b) Molality

c) Molar mass

d) Milli-molarity

Answer: Molality

16. What is the concentration, in ppm, if 0.025 g of KCl is dissolved in 100 grams of water?

a) 4 x 103 ppm

b) 250 ppm

c) 2.5 x 10-4 ppm

d) 2.5 ppm

Answer: 250 ppm

17. Which of the following may be the most appropriate unit of expressing lead concentrations in drinking water?

a) mg

b) mmole

c) ppm

d) ppb

Answer: ppb

18. What is the normality of lead (II) nitrate if the density of its 26% (w/w) aqueous solution is 3.105 g/mL? Take molar mass of lead (II) nitrate to be 331g/mol.

a) 2.437 N

b) 4.878 N

c) 0.243 N

d) 0.488 N

Answer: 4.878 N

19. What is the mole fraction of glycerin C3H5(OH)3 in a solution containing 33g of glycerin, 60g isopropyl alcohol and rest water?

a) 0.359

b) 0.258

c) 0.205

d) 0.480

Answer: 0.205

20. If a urea (NH2CONH2) contains 45% (by mass) N2, what is the actual urea content in the sample?

a) 103.7 kg

b) 96.4 kg

c) 9.65 kg

d) 10.4 kg

Answer: 96.4 kg

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