Surface Chemistry Class 12 Important Questions (Colloids)

These Surface Chemistry Class 12 Important Questions (Colloids) are useful for the students of NEET, AIIMS, JEE, and other entrance examinations.

Surface Chemistry Class 12 Important Questions (Colloids)

1. What is the range of the size of colloidal particles?

a) 1 to 100 nm

b) 10 to 100 pm

c) 1 to 100 µm

d) 1 to 10 mm

Answer: 1 to 100 nm

2. By using what can the colloidal particles can be separated from particles of true solution?

a) Parchment paper

b) An ultracentrifuge machine

c) An electrolyte

d) Ordinary cloth

Answer: Parchment paper

3. What is the order of diameter of colloidal particles?

a) 10-3 m

b) 10-6 m

c) 10-15 m

d) 10-7 m

Answer: 10-7 m

4. Dust is a colloid.

a) True

b) False

Answer: True

5. When hit by light, what happens to a colloidal mixture?

a) Absorbed

b) Reflected

c) Diffracted

d) Passes through

Answer: Diffracted

6. Under which category is colloidal system?

a) Homogeneous mixture

b) Heterogeneous mixture

c) Suspensions

d) True solution

Answer: Heterogeneous mixture

7. What is the colloidal solution of a gas in liquid called?

a) Aerosol

b) Gel

c) Foam

d) Solution

Answer: Foam

8. Which of the following colloidal system represents a gel?

a) Solid in liquid

b) Solid in gas

c) Liquid in solid

d) Liquid in gas

Answer: Liquid in solid

9. How are colloidal solutions of gold prepared by different colours?

a) Different diameters of colloidal gold particles

b) Variable valency of gold

c) Different concentration of gold particles

d) Impurities produced by different methods

Answer: Different diameters of colloidal gold particles

10. What are the dispersed phase and dispersion medium in alcohol respectively?

a) Alcohol, water

b) Solid, water

c) Water, alcohol

d) Solid, alcohol

Answer: Solid, alcohol

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