P Block Elements NEET Questions (Ammonia)

P Block Elements NEET Questions (Ammonia) are very important for NEET, JEE as well as AIIMS exam. These P Block Elements Class 12 Important Questions will help you to score more marks. These P Block Elements NEET Questions (Ammonia) will be very useful for those students who are preparing with complete devotion and hard work.

P Block Elements NEET Questions (Ammonia)

1. In the Haber-Bosch process, what is formed by the reaction of natural gas and steam?

a) Ammonia

b) Nitrogen

c) Oxygen

d) Hydrogen

Answer: Hydrogen

2. Which of the following conditions would improve the yield of ammonia production from Bosch-Haber process?

a) High temperature, high pressure

b) High temperature, low pressure

c) Low temperature, low pressure

d) Low temperature, high pressure

Answer: Low temperature, high pressure

3. Nitrogen in plants is taken in what form?

a) Ammonia

b) Amide

c) Nitrate

d) Nitrite

Answer: Nitrate

4. What is the most acidic of all?

a) NH3

b) NaOH

c) KOH

d) Alkaline KMnO4

Answer: NH3

5. What is one method of qualitatively analyzing a given salt for presence of ammonia?

a) Solution turns blue litmus red

b) Heating the salt causing decrepitation

c) Using a reagent to obtain dirty brown precipitate

d) Addition of NaOH causing white gelatinous precipitate

Answer: Using a reagent to obtain dirty brown precipitate

6. What happens when sodium is put in a solution of ammonia?

a) It generates a lot of heat

b) It does not dissolve

c) It produces deep blue color

d) Ammonia liquid evaporates due to heat

Answer: It produces deep blue color

7. What is the chemical formula of ammonia?

a) NH2

b) NH3

c) NH4+

d) NH5

Answer: NH2

8. What kind of smell is ammonia recognized by?

a) Acidic

b) Sweet

c) Rotten

d) Pungent

Answer: Pungent

9. How many unshared pair of electrons does an ammonia molecule have?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Answer: 1

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