P Block JEE Mains Questions (Oxides of Nitrogen)

P Block JEE Mains Questions (Oxides of Nitrogen) are very important for NEET, JEE as well as AIIMS exam. These P Block Elements Class 12 Important Questions will help you to score more marks. These P Block JEE Mains Questions (Oxides of Nitrogen) will be very useful for those students who are preparing with complete devotion and hard work.

P Block JEE Mains Questions (Oxides of Nitrogen)

1. What does dinitrogen oxide on reaction with sodamide produce?

a) Nitrogen gas

b) Nitric acid

c) Nitrogen dioxide

d) Sodium azide

Answer: Nitric acid

2. What temperature does dinitrogen oxide dissociate at?

a) 543K

b) 600K

c) 873K

d) 435K

Answer: 873K

3. What is the IUPAC name of NOCl?

a) Nitrogen monoxy chloride

b) Chloroxy nitrogen

c) Nitroxy chlorine

d) Nitrosyl chloride

Answer: Nitrosyl chloride

4. Which of the following is not an alternative name of dinitrogen trioxide?

a) Nitrogen sesquioxide

b) Nitrogen (III) oxide

c) Anhydride of nitrous acid

d) Nitrogen peroxide

Answer: Nitrogen peroxide

5. What colour does the compound dinitrogen trioxide appear in its liquid state?

a) It is colourless

b) Blue

c) Green

d) Yellow

Answer: Blue

6. Which of the following compounds can be identified as nitryl fluoride?

a) NO2F

b) NOF

c) NF3

d) N2F

Answer: NO2F

7. Which of the following oxide can act as both reducing and oxidising agent?

a) Dinitrogen oxide

b) Nitric oxide

c) Nitrogen dioxide

d) Dinitrogen pentoxide

Answer: Nitric oxide

8. Which of the following oxides of nitrogen is a neurotransmitter?

a) N2O

b) N2O4

c) NO2

d) NO

Answer: NO

9. What are the complexes formed by nitric oxide with transition metals called?

a) Nitrones

b) Nitriles

c) Nitrates

d) Nitrosyls

Answer: Nitrosyls

10. Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding dinitrogen pentoxide?

a) It is basic in nature

b) It is also known as the anhydride of nitric acid

c) It exists as a colourless solid below 273K

d) The oxidation state of nitrogen is +5

Answer: It is basic in nature

11. What is the bond angle between the oxygen atoms in nitrogen dioxide?

a) 120°

b) 124°

c) 130°

d) 134°

Answer: 134°

12. Dinitrogen oxide is also called laughing gas.

a) True

b) False

Answer: True

13. What is the range of the oxidation states shown by nitrogen in its oxides?

a) +1 to +3

b) +2 to +4

c) +1 to +2

d) +1 to +5

Answer: +1 to +5

14. Which of the following is true about dinitrogen oxide?

a) It is yellow in colour

b) The oxidation state of nitrogen is +5

c) It is basic in nature

d) It is a colourless gas

Answer: It is a colourless gas

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