P Block NEET Questions (Dinitrogen) And Answers

P Block NEET Questions (Dinitrogen) are very important for NEET, JEE as well as AIIMS exam. These P Block Elements Class 12 Important Questions will help you to score more marks. These P Block NEET Questions (Dinitrogen) will be very useful for those students who are preparing with complete devotion and hard work.

P Block NEET Questions (Dinitrogen)

1. Why does nitrogen show anomalous properties with respect to other elements in group 15?

a) Nitrogen has low ionization enthalpy

b) Nitrogen atomhas high inter-electronic repulsions

c) Nitrogen molecule bears a triple bond

d) Absence of vacant d-orbitals

Answer: Absence of vacant d-orbitals

2. Why is nitrogen preferably used in welding process and cooling of substances?

a) It’s a gas and can easily be handled

b) It has an extremely low freezing point

c) It is an inert gas

d) It is non-toxic

Answer: It is an inert gas

3. Which oxide of nitrogen is released from car engines?

a) Nitrogen dioxide

b) Nitric oxide

c) Nitrous oxide

d) Nitrogen tetroxide

Answer: Nitric oxide

4. What is the name of the natural process that is responsible for replenishing N2 back in the atmosphere from NO3–?

a) Nitrification

b) Nitrogen fixation

c) De-nitrification

d) Nitrate fixation

Answer: De-nitrification

5. When liquid nitrogen is poured onto the hand, it slips away without affecting the hand actually. What is this phenomenon called?

a) Kaye effect

b) Kinetic isotope effect

c) Kondo effect

d) Leiden frost effect

Answer: Leiden frost effect

6. Which group does the name ‘pnictogens’ refer to?

a) Group 11

b) Group 13

c) Group 15

d) Group 14

Answer: Group 15

7. How many allotropes does nitrogen have?

a) Zero

b) One

c) Two

d) Three

Answer: Zero

8. Which of the following compounds can be used to obtain free nitrogen?

a) NaNO2

b) HNO2

c) HNO3

d) Ba3N2

Answer: NaNO2

9. How many stable isotopes does the nitrogen atom have?

a) 16

b) 20

c) 2

d) 3

Answer: 2

10. Nitrogen atom is represented at 147N. How many electrons does it need to attain the noble gas configuration?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Answer: 3

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