100+ Coordination Compounds MCQ PDF

Coordination Compounds are most important to understand for various competitive exams. These Coordination Compounds MCQ PDF are most asked in the most competitive exams i.e., IIT, JEE, NEET, AIIMS etc. Basically they are most important for all the pre-medical exams so it is most important to learn the MCQ on coordination compounds.

Coordination Compounds MCQ PDF (Importance and Applications)

1. Haemoglobin is a complex compound of which metal ion?

a) Fe2+

b) Fe3+

c) Co2+

d) Co3+

Answer: Fe2+

2. Which of the following biologically important coordination compounds has a magnesium central atom?

a) Chlorophyll

b) Haemoglobin

c) Vitamin B12

d) Carboxypeptidase-A

Answer: Chlorophyll

3. The coordination complex chloridotris (triphenylphosphine) rhodium(I) is used in the hydrogenation of alkenes. It is also known as __________ catalyst.

a) Grubb

b) Pearlman

c) Wilkinson

d) Ziegler-Natta

Answer: Wilkinson

4. The complex ion [Ag(S2O3)2]3- is associated with which field?

a) Electroplating

b) Medicine

c) Water treatment

d) Photography

Answer: Photography

5. Which reagent is used for detecting Ni2+ ions in solution?


b) Dimethylglyoxime

c) α-nitroso-β-naphthol

d) Cupron

Answer: Dimethylglyoxime

6. Hardness of water is estimated by simple titration with which compound?

a) Na2(EDTA)

b) Fe(EDTA)

c) Mg(EDTA)

d) Co(EDTA)

Answer: Na2(EDTA)

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