100+ Amines Intext Questions (Amines Physical Properties)

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Amines Intext Questions (Amines Physical Properties)

1. The intermolecular hydrogen bonds, if any, in amines is formed between _______

a) N-H and N-H

b) N and N-H

c) Alkyl carbon and N-H

d) Alkyl H and N-H

Answer: b

2. What is the correct order of boiling points of the isomeric amines where A=ethylmethylamine, B=propylamine and C=trimethylamine?

a) A > B > C

b) C > B > A

c) B > C > A

d) B > A > C

Answer: d

3. Which of the following has a lower boiling point than ethanamine?

a) Propane

b) Ethanal

c) Ethanol

d) Methanoic acid

Answer: a

4. If the boiling point of diethylamine is 329 K, predict the boiling point of ethyldimethylamine.

a) 310 K

b) 329 K

c) 340 K

d) 351 K

Answer: a

5. If the boiling point of n-C4H9NH2 is 351 K, what will be the boiling point of n-C4H9OH?

a) 329 K

b) 301 K

c) 351 K

d) 390 K

Answer: d

6. If A is the boiling point of propanamine and B is the boiling point of butanamine, what is the correct relation between the two?

a) A > B

b) B > A

c) A = B

d) A >> B

Answer: b

7. Which of the following amines are insoluble in water?

a) Methanamine

b) Ethanamine

c) Propanamine

d) Benzenamine

Answer: d

8. If ‘x’ ml of butan-1amine and ‘y’ ml of butan-1-ol is completely soluble in 100ml of water each, what is the relation between x and y?

a) x > y

b) x < y

c) x = y

d) x + y = 100

Answer: b

9. Aniline is insoluble in which of the following solvents?

a) Ethanol

b) Ethoxyethane

c) Benzene

d) Water

Answer: d

10. Which of the following is least soluble in water?

a) CH3CH2NH2



d) CH3NH2

Answer: a

11. Which of the following amines is not a gas?

a) Methylamine

b) Dimethylamine

c) Ethylamine

d) Trimethylamine

Answer: d

12. What is the characteristic odour of relatively lower aliphatic amines?

a) Fruity odour

b) Fishy odour

c) Rotten egg smell

d) Odourless

Answer: b

13. Which of the following best describes aniline in pure form?

a) Colourless liquid

b) White waxy solid

c) Brown gas

d) Yellowish gas

Answer: a

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