100+ Amines NEET MCQ (Amines Chemical Reactions)

Amines NEET MCQ are important for IIT JEE, AIIMS, NEET, Pre UG Medical entrance exams. Medical students who are preparing for competitive exams like NEET or AIIMS must go through this article about important amines MCQs. It will surely help you to score high marks in chemistry.

Amines NEET MCQ (Amines Chemical Reactions)

1. What is the product formed when ethanamine reacts with HBr?

a) NH4Br

b) CH3NH3Br


d) CH3CH2NH3Br

Answer: d

2. The reaction between methylamine and hydrogen iodide results in the formation of a _______

a) colourless liquid

b) dark coloured gas

c) white solid

d) yellow liquid

Answer: c

3. Which of the following is not produced on the reaction of methylammonium chloride with sodium hydroxide?

a) HCl

b) CH3NH2

c) H2O

d) NaCl

Answer: a

4. What is the correct order of pKb values of the following amines?

a) Methanamine > Ethanamine > Benzenamine

b) Benzenamine > Ethanamine > Methanamine

c) Ethanamine > Methanamine > Benzenamine

d) Benzenamine > Methanamine > Ethanamine

Answer: d

5. If the pKb value of ammonia is 4.75, predict the pKb value of methanamine?

a) 3.38

b) 4.70

c) 8.92

d) 9.38

Answer: a

6. If the Kb values of ammonia, methylamine and ethylamine are x, y and z respectively, identify the correct relation between x, y and z from the following.

a) x > y

b) y < z

c) x > z

d) x > y > z

Answer: b

7. Consider three gaseous alkylamines A, B and C or 1°, 2° and 3° respectively. What will be the correct order of their basicity?

a) A > B > C

b) C > B > A

c) B > A > C

d) B > C > A

Answer: b

8. The basic strength of alkylamines does not depend on which of the following?

a) Number or alkyl groups

b) Size of alkyl groups

c) Physical state of the amine

d) Presence of an aromatic ring

Answer: d

9. What is the correct order of basicity of aliphatic amines purely on the basis of solvation effect of the ammonium cation?

a) 1° > 2° > 3°

b) 3° > 2° > 1°

c) 2° > 1° > 3°

d) 2° > 3° > 1°

Answer: a

10. Amines are generally ______ in nature.

a) electrophilic

b) acidic

c) basic

d) neutral

Answer: c

11. Which of the following is associated with decrease in pKb value of amines?

a) Increase in acidic strength

b) Increase in basic strength

c) Better proton donation

d) Better electron acceptor

Answer: b

12. The equilibrium constant of the reaction of amines with _____ is taken as a measure of its basic character.

a) an acid

b) a base

c) water

d) a Lewis base

Answer: c

13. Which of the following aromatic amines has lower pKb value than ammonia?

a) Benzylamine

b) Benzenamine

c) N-Methylbenzenamine

d) N, N-Dimethylbenzenamine

Answer: a

14. Which of the following amines will be most reactive when treated with HCl?

a) N-Methylmethanamine

b) N,N-Dimethylmethanamine

c) N-Ethylethanamine

d) N,N-Diethylethanamine

Answer: c

15. How many more resonating structures does aniline have than anilinium ion?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

Answer: b

16. Which of the following groups when present at para position increases the basic strength of aniline?

a) NO2

b) Br

c) NH2


Answer: c

17. Which of the following is the least basic amine?

a) p-Bromoaniline

b) p-Chloroaniline

c) p-Nitroaniline

d) p-Aminobenzonitrile

Answer: c

18. Which of the following will have the highest pKb value?

a) C6H5NH2

b) p-C6H5(CH3)NH2

c) p-C6H5(OCH3)NH2

d) p-C6H5(NH2)NH2

Answer: a

19. Identify the correct order of basic strength of the following substituted anilines?

a) p-Methylaniline > m-Methylaniline > p-Nitroaniline > m-Nitroaniline

b) p-Methylaniline > m-Methylaniline > m-Nitroaniline > p-Nitroaniline

c) p-Nitroaniline > m-Nitroaniline > p-Methylaniline > m-Methylaniline

d) p-Nitroaniline > m-Nitroaniline > m-Methylaniline > p-Methylaniline

Answer: b

20. If ‘a’ is the pKb value of aniline and ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘d’ are the pKb values of o-, m- and p- isomers of methylaniline respectively, what is the correct order of the values a, b, c and d?

a) a > b > c > d

b) d > c > a > b

c) d > c > b > a

d) b > a > c > d

Answer: d

21. If the pKb value of p-nitroaniline is 13, predict the pKb value of its ortho isomer?

a) 9.38

b) 11.54

c) 13

d) 14.22

Answer: d

22. If p, q and r are the pKb values of methylamine, N-methylamine and N,N-dimethylamine respectively, what is the correct order of p, q and r?

a) p > q > r

b) r > q > p

c) q > p > r

d) r > p > q

Answer: d

23. What is the correct order of basic strength of the following ethyl substituted amines in aqueous solution? (R=ethyl group)

a) RNH2 > R2NH > R3N

b) R2NH > R3N > RNH2

c) R3N > R2NH > RNH2

d) R2NH > RNH2 > R3N

Answer: b

24. If the pKb value of N,N-diethylethanamine is 3.25, predict the pKb value of ethanamine.

a) 3.00

b) 3.29

c) 4.75

d) 9.38

Answer: b

25. Which of the following is not a likely product of the alkylation of amines with methyl iodide?

a) Primary amine

b) Secondary amine

c) Tertiary amine

d) Quaternary ammonium salt

Answer: a

26. The alkylation of amines with alkyl halides is carried out in the presence of which of the following?

a) Alcohol

b) Acid

c) Base

d) LiAlH4

Answer: c

27. During the acylation of an aliphatic primary amine, which of the following is replaced by an acyl group?

a) NH2 group

b) One H atom of NH2

c) Both H atoms of NH2

d) Alkyl group of the amine

Answer: b

28. Which of the following is formed from the reaction between RNHR’ and R”OCl, where R, R’ and R” are three different alkyl groups?


b) R2NCOR’

c) R’2NCOR”


Answer: a

29. What are the products formed from the reaction between aniline and ethanoic anhydride?

a) N-Phenylethanamide and hydrochloric acid

b) N-Phenylethanamide and acetic acid

c) N-Methylbenzamide and acetic acid

d) N-Methylbenzamide and hydrochloric acid

Answer: b

30. What is the product of the benzoylation of aniline in the presence of aqueous NaOH?

a) N-Ethylethanamide

b) N-Ethylbenzamide

c) N-Phenylethanamide

d) N-Phenylbenzamide

Answer: d

31. Which of the following amines does not undergo benzoylation?

a) N-Methylethanamine

b) N-Ethylethanamine

c) N,N-Dimethylethanamine

d) N-Methylbenzenamine

Answer: c

32. A certain amine ‘X’ when heated with chloroform and alcoholic KOH, produced no reaction. Identify ‘X’ from the following.

a) Methylamine

b) Ethylamine

c) Ethylmethylamine

d) Aniline

Answer: c

33. Which of the following compounds is not formed during the heating of ethylamine with chloroform in ethanolic KOH?

a) Propanenitrile

b) Ethyl isocyanide

c) Potassium chloride

d) Water

Answer: a

34. If x and y are the pKb values of p-methylaniline and N,N-dimethylaniline, what is the relation between x and y?

a) x > y

b) x < y

c) x = y

d) x >> y

Answer: a

35. What is the correct order of basic strength of the following compounds?

a) Aniline > Diphenylaniline > Triphenylaniline

b) Aniline > Triphenylaniline > Diphenylaniline

c) Diphenylaniline > Triphenylaniline > Aniline

d) Triphenylaniline > Diphenylaniline > Aniline

Answer: a

36. Alkylation of amines with alkyl halides proceeds by _________

a) electrophilic addition

b) electrophilic substitution

c) nucleophilic addition

d) nucleophilic substitution

Answer: d

37. Which gas is produced when ethanamine reacts with nitrous acid?

a) N2

b) H2

c) HCl

d) O2

Answer: a

38. Which of the following is not a final product of the reaction between propylamine and nitrous acid?

a) CH3CH2CH2N2Cl


c) N2 gas

d) H2O

Answer: a

39. Diethylamine reacts with nitrous acid in the cold to form _______

a) diazonium salt

b) alcohol

c) imine

d) nitrosoamine

Answer: d

40. Hinsberg’s reagent is _______

a) benzenesulfonic acid

b) benzenesulphonyl chloride

c) p-toluenesulphonyl chloride

d) chlorosulphuric acid

Answer: b

41. Which of the following amines, on reaction with benzenesulphonyl chloride, will give a sulphonamide that is insoluble in alkali?

a) Ethylamine

b) Ethylmethylamine

c) Trimethylamine

d) Aniline

Answer: b

42. Which of the following amines will form a product that is soluble in KOH, on reaction with Hinsberg’s reagent?

a) Isopropylamine

b) Diethylamine

c) N,N-Dimethylpropylamine

d) N,N-Dimethylaniline

Answer: a

43. Which of the following reactions/tests does not help in the distinction between ethylamine and diethylamine?

a) Carbylamine test

b) Hinsberg’s test

c) Reaction with HNO2

d) Reaction with CH3CH2Br

Answer: d

44. Aniline is a _______ directing compound.

a) ortho

b) meta

c) ortho and para

d) ortho, meta and para

Answer: c

45. The activating effect of -NHCOCH3 group is ______ as compared to -NH2 group.

a) less

b) same

c) more

d) very high

Answer: a

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