100+ Class 12 Chemistry Amines Important Questions (Preparation of Amines)

Class 12 Chemistry Amines Important Questions are important for IIT JEE, AIIMS, NEET, Pre UG Medical entrance exams. Medical students who are preparing for competitive exams like NEET or AIIMS must go through this article about important amines MCQs. It will surely help you to score high marks in chemistry.

Class 12 Chemistry Amines Important Questions (Preparation of Amines)

1. How many water molecules are formed as the by product of reduction of one molecule of nitropropane to one molecule of propanamine, with hydrogen gas in Pt catalyst?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Answer: b

2. Ammonolysis is a type of _________ reaction.

a) electrophilic addition

b) electrophilic substitution

c) nucleophilic addition

d) nucleophilic substitution

Answer: d

3. What is the type of amine obtained from the ammonolysis of alkyl halides?

a) Primary

b) Primary and secondary

c) Secondary and tertiary

d) Primary, secondary and tertiary

Answer: c

4. What is the most suitable condition for the ammonolysis of an alkyl halide?

a) 273K, open tube

b) 273K, sealed tube

c) 373K, open tube

d) 373K, sealed tube

Answer: d

5. The main product formed when the ammonolysis is carried out using excess of iodoethane is _______

a) 1° amine

b) 2° amine

c) 3° amine

d) quaternary ammonium salt

Answer: d

6. What is the correct order of reactivity of the following alkyl halides towards ammonolysis reaction?

a) CH3I > CH3Br > CH3Cl

b) CH3I > CH3Cl > CH3Br

c) CH3Cl > CH3Br > CH3I

d) CH3Br > CH3Cl > CH3I

Answer: a

7. Which of the following would not be a good choice for reducing an aryl nitro compound to an amine?

a) H2/Pt

b) LiAlH4-ether

c) Fe and HCl

d) Sn and HCl

Answer: b

8. Which of the following is the most preferred reagent for reducing nitroethane to ethylamine?

a) H2/Pt

b) Sn/HCl

c) Fe/HCl

d) Zn/HCl

Answer: c

9. Which of the following reagents cannot be used to convert nitrobenzene to aniline?

a) LiAlH4-dry ether

b) SnCl2/HCl

c) H2/Pd-ethanol

d) Zn in HCl

Answer: a

10. What compound is formed when hydrogen gas is passed through nitrobenzene in the presence of finely divided nickel?

a) Aniline

b) 2-Nitroaniline

c) 3-Nitroaniline

d) 4-Nitroaniline

Answer: a

11. Which of the following reagents cannot be used to convert ethanenitrile to ethylamine?

a) H2/Ni

b) LiAlH4

c) Na(Hg), ethanol

d) Sn, HCl

Answer: d

12. How many more carbon atoms are present in the amine formed from the reduction of a nitrile, than in the nitrile itself?

a) 0

b) 1

c) 2

d) 1 or 2

Answer: a

13. The reduction of phenyl isocyanide with H2 and Ni catalyst gives a/an _________

a) primary amine

b) secondary amine

c) tertiary amine

d) arylalkyl amine

Answer: b

14. Which of the following amines cannot be formed from the reduction of amides with LiAlH4?

a) Ethylamine

b) Benzenamine

c) Benzylamine

d) Ethylmethylamine

Answer: b

15. Which of the following is not a by product of Hoffmann bromamide degradation of acetamide with alcoholic KOH?

a) KBr

b) KCN

c) K2CO3

d) H2O

Answer: b

16. Hoffmann bromamide degradation reaction is used for preparing _______ amines.

a) primary

b) secondary

c) tertiary

d) mixed

Answer: a

17. The best reagent for converting 2-phenylpropanamide to 1-phenylethanamine is ________

a) H2/Ni

b) Na(Hg)/C2H5OH

c) LiAlH4

d) NaOH/Br2

Answer: d

18. Which of the following compounds undergoes Hoffmann bromamide degradation reaction?

a) C6H5NH2

b) C6H5NO2

c) C6H5CONH2

d) C6H5CH2NH2

Answer: c

19. Which of the following amines can be prepared from Gabriel phthalimide synthesis?

a) Benzylamine

b) Aniline

c) o-Toluidine

d) N-Methylbenzenamine

Answer: a

20. Which of the following steps is not present in Gabriel phthalimide synthesis?

a) Treating phthalimide with alcoholic KOH

b) Heating potassium phthalimide with alkyl halide

c) Alkaline hydrolysis of N-alkylphthalimide

d) Heating phthalic acid with NaOH

Answer: d

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