Enzymes MCQ and Answers with FREE PDF

These Enzymes MCQs are designed to prepare students for Medical Entrance Examinations like NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER etc. These mcq on enzymes are not only directly taken from different previous years’ question papers but they are also selected keeping in mind the future pattern of the exam.

Enzymes MCQ and Answers

1. Which of the following is a substrate specific enzyme?

a) Maltase

b) Carboxylase

c) Hexokinase

d) Carbonic anhydrase

Answer: a

2. Enzymes are regarded as ______

a) biocatalysts

b) messengers

c) inhibitors

d) antibodies

Answer: a

3. Enzymes are basically ______

a) polysaccharides

b) sugars

c) polypeptides

d) pyrimidine bases

Answer: c

4. Cellulose is not digestible by humans due to the absence of which of the following enzymes?

a) Amylase

b) Urease

c) Cellulase

d) Invertase

Answer: c

5. The prosthetic groups which get attached to the enzyme at the time of reaction are called _____

a) cofactors

b) coenzymes

c) messengers

d) inhibitors

Answer: b

6. Albinism is caused by the deficiency of which enzyme?

a) Phenylalanine hydroxylase

b) Streptokinase

c) Prolidase

d) Tyrosinase

Answer: d

7. Identify the correct statement about enzymes.

a) Enzymes increase the activation energy of a reaction

b) Enzymes need to be used in excess compared to the reagent to catalyse the reaction

c) Enzymes work only at their optimum temperature and pH

d) The activity of enzymes cannot be affected by other compounds

Answer: c

8. Which of the following best describes a particular enzyme?

a) Chemical catalyst

b) Fibrous protein

c) Highly selective

d) Can be used for various reactions

Answer: c

9. Enzymes are generally named after the ________

a) compound on which they work

b) compound which they form as product

c) medium in which they act

d) place from where they are derived

Answer: a

10. The enzyme which catalyses the conversion of proteins to amino acids is ______

a) invertase

b) urease

c) nuclease

d) protease

Answer: d

Enzymes MCQs with Answers PDF

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