100+ MCQ Questions On Amines (Preparation Method of Diazonium Salts)

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MCQ Questions On Amines (Preparation Method of Diazonium Salts)

1. The preparation of diazonium salts from primary aromatic amines is known as ______

a) acylation

b) alkylation

c) benzonation

d) diazotisation

Answer: d

2. Why is the reason for the stability of aromatic diazonium salts?

a) Dispersal of negative charge over the benzene ring

b) Dispersal of positive charge over benzene ring

c) Bond between diazonium group and anion

d) High electronegativity of anion compared to the N atom

Answer: b

3. What is the most suitable temperature for the diazotisation reaction to take place?

a) 0°C

b) 10°C

c) 22°C

d) 30°C

Answer: a

4. Identify the diazonium group in the diazonium salt ArN2+Br-.

a) ArN2+

b) N2+Br

c) N2+

d) ArN2Br

Answer: c

5. What is the correct name of the compound C6H5N2+HSO4?

a) Benzenediazonium hydrogensulphate

b) Benzenehygrogensulphate diazonium

c) Diazonium benzenehydrogensulphate

d) Hydrogensulphate diazoniumbenzene

Answer: a

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