50+ MCQ On Flash Chromatography with FREE PDF

In the other post we already discussed about Chromatography MCQ and AnswerMCQ On Paper Chromatography and others. These MCQ On Flash Chromatography are most important for Biochemistry, B.Sc/M.Sc/Phd Botany/Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry. These MCQ On Flash Chromatography helps you to improve your conceptual insight on the phase system.

MCQ On Flash Chromatography

1. The flash chromatography is used for

a) Purify chemical mixtures

b) Purify None-chemical mixtures

c) Purify Both Chemical and Non chemical mixtures

d) None

Answer: a

2. Flash chromatography is a

a) Preparative liquid chromatography method

b) Preparative solid chromatography method

c) Preparative semi-liquid chromatography method

d) Preparative gaseous chromatography method

Answer: a

3. Flash chromatography is also known as

a) Low pressure chromatography

b) Medium pressure chromatography

c) High pressure chromatography

d) Ultra high pressure chromatography

Answer: b

4. The method of flash chromatography is essentially a sped-up version of

a) Paper chromatography

b) Gel Filtration Chromatography

c) Conventional chromatography

d) Thin Layer Chromatography

Answer: c

5. The advantages of flash column chromatography is/are

a) a popular technique within a range of disciplines

b) a fastest method

c) a pure method

d) All of these

Answer: a

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FAQs on Flash Chromatography

Is flash chromatography the same as HPLC?

Flash chromatography differs from HPLC and UHPLC as it operates at much lower pressures. Flash chromatography is also known as low pressure or medium pressure liquid chromatography. The Flash chromatography operates at pressures of 50 -200 psi, as compared to HPLC, which operates at 1000s of psi, and UHPLC which operates above 10,000 psi.

What is flash chromatography?

Flash chromatography is a variation of normal column chromatography that primarily uses the same material to separate compounds, but operates with a shorter column and higher solvent velocity. Both chromatography methods perform column separation with a different pressure gradient. Flash chromatography is often more economical due to its high speed and more precise control over the solvent flow rate, while normal column chromatography is a more precise method of purification. The more precise nature of normal column chromatography makes it the better choice for most separations, but flash chromatography is still more precise than most other commonly used methods of chemical purification.

What is automated flash chromatography?

Automated flash chromatography is a purification technique that separates compounds by applying a solvent gradient. It is suitable for both small batches and large-scale studies.