50+ MCQ On Paper Chromatography with FREE PDF

In the other post we already discussed about Chromatography MCQ and Answer and others. These MCQ On Paper Chromatography with Answer are most important for Biochemistry, B.Sc/M.Sc/Phd Botany/Chemistry, Biology, Chemistry. These MCQ On Paper Chromatography with Answer helps you to improve your conceptual insight on the phase system.

MCQ On Paper Chromatography

1. Which type of filter paper are mostly used in paper chromatography?

(a) Butter paper

(b) Sample paper

(c) Whatmann filter paper

(d) Filter paper

Answer: c

2. The pattern on the paper in Paper chromatography is called__________

(a) chroming

(b) Chroma

(c) Chromatograph

(d) Chromatogram

Answer: d

3. Paper Chromatography is a physical method that is used to separate__________

(a) Simple mixtures

(b) Complex mixtures

(c) Viscous mixtures

(d) Metals

Answer: b

4. What is the principle of the paper chromatography?

(a) Partition

(b) Adsorption

(c) A and B

(d) None of the above

Answer: c

5. Which of the following is used as a spraying reagent in paper chromatography? 

(a) conc. HCl 

(b) NaCl solution 

(c) Ninhydrin solution 

(d) CuSO4 solution 

Answer: c

6. Which force is involved in the Paper Chromatography?

(a) Hydrogen bonding

(b) London force

(c) Electric static force

(d) All of the above

Answer: d

7. Which force is responsible for the separation of the components in descending paper chromatography?

(a) Partition

(b) Adsorption

(c) Gravity

(d) All of the above

Answer: c

8. Which of the following is not development technique in paper Chromatography?

(a) Two dimensional

(b) Ascending

(c) Descending

(d) HPLC

Answer: d

9. A combination of paper chromatography and electrophoresis involves______________

(a) Partition chromatography

(b) Electrical mobility of the ionic species

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

Answer: c

10. Rf value is__________

(a) Distance travelled by the compound at it’s point of maximum.

(b) Distance travelled by the standard.

(c) Solvent travelled

(d) None of the above

Answer: a

11. In which of the following type of paper, chromatography does the mobile phase move horizontally over a circular sheet of paper?

a) Ascending paper chromatography

b) Descending paper chromatography

c) Radial paper chromatography

d) Ascending – descending chromatography

Answer: c

12. Which factor is not affect in stationary phases in paper chromatography?

(a) Thickness

(b) Flow rate

(c) Purity

(d) Freezing point

Answer: d

13. Size of spot in paper chromatography is_____________

(a) 2-5 mm

(b) 1-2 mm

(c) 7-8 mm

(d) 6-8 mm

Answer: a

14. Which of the following types of chromatography involves the process, where the mobile phase moves through the stationary phase by the influence of gravity or capillary action?

a) Column Chromatography

b) High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

c) Gas Chromatography

d) Planar Chromatography

Answer: d

15. Silica gel G is used in

a) Column chromatography

b) Gas chromatography

c) Thin layer chromatography


Answer: c

16. In-gel permeation chromatography,—is eluted first from the column.

a) Cations

b) Anions

c) Bigger molecules

d) smaller molecules

Answer: c

17. Proteins maybe separated according to size by

a) isoelectric focusing

b) molecular exclusion chromatography

c) ion-exchange chromatography

d) reverse phase chromatography

Answer: b

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FAQs on Paper Chromatography

What are the limitations in the use of paper chromatography?

Paper Chromatography is a very cheap, simple and highly sensitive technique but large quantity of sample cannot be applied on paper chromatography. In quantitative analysis paper chromatography is not effective. Complex mixture cannot be separated by paper chromatography.

What does paper chromatography depend on?

Paper chromatography depends upon two non-mixing liquid phases, the solvent and the water bound to the cellulose molecules of the filter paper. When a substance which is soluble in the two non-mixing solvents is exposed simultaneously to both, it will partition itself between them. The process in which substances move in one medium when they are placed in another medium is called partitioning.

Why water is not used in paper chromatography?

Water is polar, so any non-polar substance dissolved in it will dissolve in the water. When the water travels up the paper, it will take any non-polar substance dissolved in it with it. This means that if you were trying to separate out a mixture of non-polar and polar substances, they would all travel up the paper together and you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. The problem here is that all compounds dissolve equally well in water, so many of your compounds would remain in the aqueous layer on top of the stationary layer, and not move at all.

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