50+ Multiple Choice Questions On Polymers With Answers PDF

There are many questions about POLYMERS in NEET, AIIMS, JEE, B.Sc/M.Sc/P.hd Chemistry exams. Here you will find most of the questions along with answers which will help you in revising POLYMERS for different competitive exams. These Multiple Choice Questions On Polymers With Answers PDF will help you definitely. We also published a post- Polymer MCQs and Answers with FREE PDF (NEET/JEE). You can check it. We have the list Best Selling books on Molecular Mass of Polymers. Check and buy these now at very cheap prices.

Multiple Choice Questions On Polymers With Answers PDF (Molecular Mass of Polymers)

1. Calculate the number average molecular mass of a polymer having four different monomers A, B, C and D present in equal number. The molecular masses of the monomers are 10000, 15000, 30000 and 50000 respectively.

a) 10050

b) 17350

c) 26250

d) 35475

Answer: c

2. Molecular mass of polymers are expressed as a/an _______

a) average

b) median

c) mode

d) percentage

Answer: a

3. Polydispersity index is defined as ______ where Mw and Mn are the weight average and number average molecular masses respectively.

a) Mw x Mn

b) Mw/Mn

c) Mn/Mw

d) Mw – Mn

Answer: b

4. The polydispersity index of natural polymers is _________

a) 0

b) <0.8

c) 1

d) >1.2

Answer: c

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Multiple Choice Questions On Polymers With Answers
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Multiple Choice Questions On Polymers With Answers PDF Download

FAQs on Polymers

Do polymers exist in gas phase?

Polymers haven’t been found to exist as gas phase. There are some macromolecules that do, however, such as some dyes and some organics/heterocycles. The main features of such molecules that allow them to be gaseous at room temperature is that they usually have a low overall molecular weight and they have a high level of branching.

Do polymers made up monomers?

Polymers are very large molecules made up of many smaller molecules (monomers) joined together. Think of them like a chain of connected-up paper clips.

Does polymer clay need to be baked?

Polymer clay must be baked to cure it, make it stronger and improve its durability. Baking polymer clay will also allow you to create a lot of interesting effects and some colors will change.

Hard polymers examples

Polymers are long chains of molecules that can bend and stretch and change their shape and size. There are two main types: hard and soft. Hard polymers like epoxies and urethanes (also called rubbers) are very strong, but don’t stretch very much.