50+ Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion MCQs and Answers

Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion MCQs are important for NEET, AIIMS, JEE and other medical entrance examinations. These MCQs will help you prepare your students for their examinations and improve their speed and accuracy. Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion MCQs are elementary questions based on Physics topics helps the students to get the move closer to the dream of being an IITian or an AIIMS doctor.

Kinematic Equations for Uniformly Accelerated Motion MCQs

1. The equations of motion are valid for which of the following types of motion?

a) Constant energy

b) Uniformly accelerated

c) Non-uniformly accelerated

d) Motion along a curve

Answer: b

2. In uniformly accelerated motion, how many variables are required to fully describe the system?

a) 1

b) 3

c) 4

d) 2

Answer: b

3. A bus moves the first few meters of its journey with an acceleration of 5 m/s2 in 10s and the next few meters with an acceleration of 15 m/s2 in 20s. What is the final velocity in m/s if it starts from rest?

a) 100

b) 350

c) 450

d) 400

Answer: b

4. A coin and a bag full of rocks are thrown in a gravity less environment with the same initial speed. Which one of the following statements is true about the situation?

a) The bag will travel faster

b) The coin will travel faster

c) Both will travel with the same speed

d) Bag will not move

Answer: c

5. 15 m/s can be written in km/h as ______

a) 54

b) 44

c) 45

d) 56

Answer: a

6. A body moves a distance of 15 m in a 15mins, with an initial velocity of 0m/min. What is the final velocity in m/min?

a) 2

b) 8

c) 5

d) 6

Answer: a

7. In the first 10s of a body’s motion, the velocity changes from 10 m/s to 20m/s. During the next 30s the velocity changes from 20m/s to 50m/s. What is the average acceleration in m/s2?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 0.5

Answer: a

8. A caterpillar starts travelling at a speed of 1 m/h. If the rate at which the speed changes is 0.1 m/h2, what is the final speed after 10 Hrs?

a) 2 m/h

b) 1 m/h

c) 0.5 m/h

d) 5 m/h

Answer: a

9. A ball is thrown up with an initial velocity of 20 m/s and after some time it returns. What is the maximum height reached? Take g = 10 m/s2.

a) 80m

b) 20m

c) 70m

d) 40m

Answer: b

10. A car moves with zero initial velocity up to a velocity of 5 m/s with an acceleration of 10 m/s2. The distance covered is ___

a) 1.25m

b) 1.5m

c) 1.6m

d) 0m

Answer: a

11. A car moves for 60s covering a distance of 3600m with zero initial velocity. What is the acceleration in m/s2?

a) 2

b) 2.5

c) 3

d) 4.5

Answer: a

12. Number of primary equations of motion is ___

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

Answer: a

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