50+ Relative Velocity MCQs and Answers

Relative Velocity MCQs are important for NEET, AIIMS, JEE and other medical entrance examinations. These MCQs will help you prepare your students for their examinations and improve their speed and accuracy. Relative Velocity MCQs are elementary questions based on Physics topics helps the students to get the move closer to the dream of being an IITian or an AIIMS doctor.

Relative Velocity MCQs and Answers

1. The relative velocity of a body A with respect to a body B is 5 m/s. The absolute velocity of body B is 10 m/s. Both the bodies are moving in the same direction. What is the absolute velocity of body A?

a) 10m/s

b) 15m/s

c) -5m/s

d) 0m/s

Answer: b

2. If two bodies are moving in opposite directions with non-zero velocities, which of the following statements is true?

a) Relative velocity > Absolute velocity

b) Relative velocity < Absolute velocity

c) Relative velocity = Absolute velocity

d) Relative velocity <= Absolute velocity

Answer: a

3. A car is moving with 20m/s velocity, another car is moving with a velocity of 50 m/s. What is the relative velocity of first car with respect to the second?

a) 30 m/s

b) -30 m/s

c) 20 m/s

d) 25 m/s

Answer: b

4. A truck is moving with 40 m/s velocity, a train is moving with a velocity of 80 m/s. How fast is the rain moving with respect to the truck?

a) 40 m/s faster

b) -40 m/s faster

c) 40 m/s slower

d) 60 m/s slower

Answer: a

5. A point A is placed at a distance of 7 m from the origin, another point B is placed at a distance of 10 m from the origin. What is the relative position of B with respect to A?

a) 3 m from A

b) 4 m from A

c) -3 m from A

d) 5 m from A

Answer: a

6. An observer is sitting on a car moving with some constant velocity. The observer sees things around him, in the ____

a) Relative frame of reference

b) Absolute frame of reference

c) Valid frame of reference

d) Ground frame of reference

Answer: a

7. A body A is moving in North direction, while another body B is moving towards South. Velocity of A is greater than that of B. If North is taken as positive, which of the following relative velocities is positive?

a) Velocity of A with respect to B

b) Velocity of B with respect to A

c) Velocity of A with respect to ground

d) Velocity of B with respect to ground

Answer: a

8. What does relative motion signify?

a) The motion of a body with respect to other body

b) Uniformly accelerated

c) Non-uniformly accelerated

d) Motion along a curve

Answer: b

9. What method is used to find relative value for any vector quantity?

a) Vector sum

b) Vector difference

c) Vector multiplication

d) Vector division

Answer: b

10. What is the correct formula for relative velocity of a body A with respect to B?

a) Vector VR = Vector VA – Vector VB

b) Vector VR = Vector VA + Vector VB

c) Vector VR = Vector VA x Vector VB

d) Vector VR = Vector VB – Vector VA

Answer: a

11. A body is moving with respect to a stationary frame, its motion can be called _____

a) Absolute

b) Relative

c) Circular

d) Parabolic

Answer: a

12. A small block is placed over another block which is moving with a velocity of 5m/s. What is the absolute velocity of the small block?

a) 5m/s

b) 10m/s

c) 0m/s

d) 14m/s

Answer: a

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