50+ Kinetic Energy MCQs and Answers

Kinetic Energy MCQ and Answers are must for the aspirants who are preparing for various competitive examination. It covers the concept of Work, Energy and Power which is very important for any competitive exams. This Law of Work, Energy and Power topic is given most importance in various competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, AIIMS etc.

Kinetic Energy MCQ and Answer

1. The kinetic energy of a body is ‘K’. If one-fourth of its mass is removed and velocity is doubled, the new kinetic energy will be _____

a) K

b) 3K

c) 4K

d) 9K/4

Answer: b

2. Which of the following is correct?

a) The kinetic energy of a system can be changed without changing the momentum

b) The kinetic energy of a system cannot be changed without changing the momentum

c) The momentum of a system cannot be changed without changing its kinetic energy

d) A system cannot have energy without having momentum

Answer: a

3. A person whose mass is 90kg is standing on a smooth horizontal platform. He throws a rock of mass 10kg horizontally on the same surface. If the distance between the person and the rock after 10 seconds is 10 m, what is the kinetic energy of the person?

a) 0.45 J

b) 4.5 J

c) 0.9 J

d) 0 J

Answer: b

4. The kinetic energy of a man is half that of a boy whose mass is half that of the man. When the man speeds up by 5 m/s, his kinetic energy doubles that of the boy’s kinetic energy. What is the initial velocity of the man?

a) 5 m/s

b) 10 m/s

c) 15 m/s

d) 20 m/s

Answer: a

5. What kinetic energy should be imparted to an object of mass “m” to raise it to a height of 1000 meters? (Take g = 10 m/s2)

a) 10m J

b) 100m J

c) 1000m J

d) 10000m J

Answer: d

6. For an object of 1kg mass to escape the gravitational force of the earth, the kinetic energy imparted to it from the surface of the earth is approximately _____

a) 5600 J

b) 10200 J

c) 11200 J

d) 12000 J

Answer: a

7. A body is projected up vertically with a velocity of 60 m/s. What percentage of its initial kinetic energy is converted into potential energy after 3 seconds? (Take g = 10 m/s2)

a) 25 %

b) 50%

c) 75%

d) 100%

Answer: c

8. A body is falling freely from rest from a height of 100m. The ratio of kinetic energy after 2 and 5 seconds is _____

a) 2:5

b) 4:25

c) 25:4

d) 5:2

Answer: b

9. A particle of mass 1kg is moving with a velocity of 20ms-1 then its kinetic energy is ____

a) 200 J

b) 200 kgm2s-1

c) 200 kgm-1s-2

d) 200 kgm-1s-1

Answer: a

10. A particle of mass 200g is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 10ms-1, the work done by force of gravity while the particle goes up is given by _____

a) 0.5J

b) 5J

c) 10J

d) 15J

Answer: c

11. If a solid sphere of mass 200g and radius 20cm is rotating with an angular velocity of 5 rad s-1, its rotational kinetic energy is _____

a) 0.06J

b) 0.04J

c) 0.03J

d) 0.004J

Answer: b

12. Which of the following cannot be called energy?

a) Momentum

b) Stress energy

c) Chemical potential

d) Strain energy

Answer: a

13. If mass (m) is doubled and velocity (v) is halved then _____

a) Kinetic energy decreases by half

b) Potential decreases by half

c) Momentum decreases by half

d) Potential and kinetic energy remains unchanged

Answer: a

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