50+ Newton’s Third Law of Motion MCQs and Answers

Newton’s Third Law of Motion MCQs and Answers are must for the aspirants who are preparing for various competitive examination. It covers the concept of Laws of Motion which is very important for any competitive exams. This Law of Motion topic is given most importance in various competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, AIIMS etc. We also published the most important questions and answers “MCQ On Laws Of Motion (Class 11) with Answers”. Check it Now.

Newton’s Third Law of Motion MCQs

1. A driver hits a light pole with a force a 100 N. What force does the car experience?

a) 100 N

b) 10 N

c) 150 N

d) 200 N

Answer: a

2. A truck with a mass of 2500 Kg travelling with an acceleration of 5 m/s2 hits a scooter. What force does the truck experience?

a) 12500 N

b) 500 N

c) 10000 N

d) 2500 N

Answer: a

3. A man and a kid accidentally hit each other. What is true about the forces experienced by them?

a) They are equal in magnitude

b) They are different in magnitude

c) They are same in direction

d) They are at an angle of 1.57 rad

Answer: b

4. The forces involved in Newton’s third law act ____

a) On the same object

b) On different objects

c) In same direction

d) On five bodies

Answer: b

5. Two bodies in contact experience forces in ________

a) Same direction

b) Opposite directions

c) Perpendicular directions

d) Five different directions

Answer: b

6. A batsman hits a ball with a force a 5 N. What force does the bat experience?

a) 5 N

b) 10 N

c) 15 N

d) 20 N

Answer: a

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