Resolution of Vectors MCQs and Answers

Resolution of Vectors MCQs and Answers are the most important topics for various entrance exam like NEET, AIIMS, JEE. These type of Questions are easy to answer and easier to attempt. You don’t really need to refer other sources or books to solve these questions. Today we will cover the Resolution of Vectors MCQs and Answers which covers terms like scalar product, inner product, vector product, triple scalar product, dot product and many other terms. We also published the most important Questions and Answers on Motion In A Plane MCQ For NEET with Answers. You can Check it.

Resolution of Vectors MCQs

1. A velocity vector (5m/s) is making and angle of 60 degrees with X axis has a horizonal component of magnitude ___

a) 2.5

b) 5.5

c) 5


Answer: a

2. A force vector (50 N) is making and angle of 30 degrees with X axis has a vertical component of magnitude ___

a) 25

b) 55

c) 50

d) 100/√3

Answer: a

3. A vector is represented as 4î + 3ĵ. What is its magnitude?

a) 5

b) 10

c) 4

d) 3

Answer: a

4. A vector can be resolved along ______

a) Only one direction

b) Only two directions

c) Only three directions

d) Only in independent directions

Answer: d

5. The splitting of a vector into two component vectors is called ______

a) Vector resolution

b) Vector sum

c) Vector decomposition

d) Vector difference

Answer: a

6. What is the standard form for the resolution of a vector having magnitude ‘a’ and is inclined at an angle θ to the X axis?

a) a(cos θ î + sin θ ĵ)

b) a(sin θ î + cos θ ĵ)

c) a(sin θ î + sin θ ĵ)

d) a(cos θ î + cos θ ĵ)

Answer: a

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