50+ Rolling Motion MCQs and Answers

Rolling Motion MCQs and Answers will be useful for various entrance exam like NEET, AIIMS, JEE. It includes an extensive section of physics and chemistry. These chapter covers each and every topic of System of Particles and Rotational Motion and more. It also contains chapter-wise MCQs with hints and options to make your preparation easy. We also published System Of Particles And Rotational Motion MCQs and Answers which are most important and relevant topic to your upcoming examination.

Rolling Motion MCQs and Answers

1. A ring, disc and solid sphere are left from the top of an incline which has sufficient friction for pure rolling. Which will reach the bottom first, if they all have the same mass ‘M’ & radius ‘R’?

a) Ring

b) Disc

c) Solid sphere

d) All will reach together

Answer: c

2. A sphere can roll purely on a smooth inclined surface. True or False?

a) True

b) False

Answer: b

3. A disc is standing on a flat rough surface. Its centre is suddenly given a velocity of 5m/s in the forward direction. In how much time will pure rolling start? Mass = 1kg, Radius = 10cm. Coefficient of friction = 0.4.

a) 0.25 s

b) 0.05 s

c) 0.5 s

d) 1 s

Answer: a

4. A solid sphere is given a horizontal velocity of 4m/s on a flat surface. What will be its velocity when it starts pure rolling? Mass = 2kg, Radius = 5cm. Coefficient of friction = 0.3.

a) It cannot roll purely

b) 2/3 s

c) 2s

d) 3s

Answer: b

5. A ring is at the top of the incline of angle and height ‘h’. If it is left from rest and goes down rolling purely, find its speed at the bottom.

a) ? (2gh) m/s

b) ? (gh/sin?) m/s

c) ? (ghsin?) m/s

d) ? (gh) m/s

Answer: d

6. A disc is purely rolling down an inclined plane of length ‘l’ & angle ?. What is the value of friction acting on it? Let the mass of the disc be M & radius be R.

a) (Mgsin?)/3

b) 0

c) (4Mgsin?)/3

d) (2Mgsin?)/3

Answer: a

7. A disc is under pure rolling motion on a horizontal surface. The speed of the topmost point at an instant is 5m/s w.r.t the centre of the disc. What is the velocity of the centremost point? The radius of the disc is 10cm.

a) 5m/s

b) 0m/s

c) 2.5m/s

d) 2m/s

Answer: a

8. A disc is undergoing pure rolling motion on a flat surface. The radius of the disc is 5cm & velocity of centre of mass is 10m/s. What is the ratio of kinetic energy as seen from the ground frame to a frame moving along the disc with a speed of 10m/s?

a) 1:1, kinetic energy is frame independant

b) 3:1

c) 2:1

d) 1:3

Answer: b

9. What is the displacement of the centre of the wheel in one rotation? Let the radius of the wheel be R.

a) R

b) ?R

c) 2?R

d) 0

Answer: c

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