50+ Means of Transport MCQs and Answers

Transport in plants is internal movement of water, minerals, oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the plant body. The movement of these substances are effected by biological methods, physical methods or chemical methods. In this post we are going to discuss some most important questions and answers which are based on Means of Transport.

Means of Transport MCQs

1. Which among the following is not the property of proteins present in the membrane that support facilitated diffusion?

a) Not liable to saturate

b) Response to inhibitors

c) Regulated by hormones

d) Highly selective

Answer: a

2. Diffusion is mainly a ________

a) mechanical process

b) physical process

c) chemical process

d) biological process

Answer: b

3. Diffusion is fastest in ________

a) carbohydrates

b) proteins

c) lipids

d) vitamins

Answer: c

4. Concentration gradient is a mandatory condition for diffusion of substances irrespective of the process involved.

a) True

b) False

Answer: a

5. Porins are not present in _____

a) plastids

b) bacteria

c) mitochondria

d) golgi complex

Answer: d

6. Which of the following does not affect the rate of diffusion?

a) Temperature

b) Pressure

c) ATP available

d) Concentration gradient

Answer: c

7. Statement A: Active transport of molecules is an uphill movement.

Statement B: Simple diffusion is non-selective process.

a) Both the statements are true

b) Both the statements are false

c) Statement A is true but Statement B is false

d) Statement B is true but Statement A is false

Answer: a

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