50+ Weightlessness MCQs and Answers

Weightlessness MCQs and Answers play important role in various entrance test so students can practice online Gravitation quiz to attempt these MCQ’s. Gravitation is one of the most difficult chapter to master in Physics. While solving this topic it becomes more complicated due to lengthy theory. So students often stuck at that point while writing exams like JEE, NEET etc. Students don’t know how to tackle the exam questions on Gravitation. Here you will get all the details regarding Gravity MCQs and answers. We already published the most important Questions and Answers on the Chapter Gravitation.

Weightlessness MCQs and Answers

1. A person sitting in a chair in a satellite feels weightless because _____

a) the earth does not attract the objects in a satellite

b) the normal force by the chair on the person balances the earth’s attraction

c) the normal force is zero

d) the person in the satellite is not accelerated

Answer: c

2. How do astronauts define “up” or “down” in space?

a) There is no “up” or “down” in space

b) The side facing the earth is “down” and the opposite side is ‘up”

c) “up’ or “down” is decided by the control centre on earth

d) The direction of the spacecraft’s power source is “up” and the opposite side is “down”

Answer: a

3. For an object experiencing weightlessness _____

a) its weight force is non-zero

b) it has inertia

c) it experiences a value of acceleration greater than the acceleration due to gravity

d) it experiences a value of acceleration lesser than the acceleration due to gravity

Answer: b

4. Why do the astronauts in the international space station experience weightlessness?

a) The acceleration due to gravity at that height is zero

b) They are falling towards the earth

c) They have specially designed spacesuits for this purpose

d) The gravity of the moon and earth cancel out at that altitude

Answer: b

5. An object is weightless inside a uniform spherical shell.

a) True

b) False

Answer: a

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