50+ Conservation of Resources MCQs and Answers

When the marginal benefits of finding new resources outweigh the marginal costs, then that resource is said to be exploited. Tutorials for mastering the concepts behind the COR theory and solving the practical issues surrounding it (of which there many) will help you to become a skilled and competent manager within your organization. In this post we are going to discuss about Conservation of Resources MCQs and Answers. We already published Resources And Development Class 10 MCQ and Answer that will help you the most.

Conservation of Resources MCQs and Answers

1. At the international level, who advocated resource conservation for the first time in a more systematic way?



C. Club of Rome

D. None

Answer: C

2. In many industries, tin, steel and copper are being substituted by

A. ceramics

B. high-strength glass fibres

C. plastics

D. all of these

Answer: D

3. Which one represents the regulative function of forests?

A. storage and release of gases

B. production of essential oils

C. production of wood

D. conservation of water and soil

Answer: A

4. Deforestation may reduce the chances of

A. frequent landslides

B. erosion of surface soil

C. rainfall

D. frequent cyclones

Answer: C

5. Soil conservation is the process where

A. soil is aerated

B. soil is protected against loss

C. sterile soil is converted to fertile soil

D. soil erosion is allowed

Answer: B

6. Which of the following is an anti-forest conservation activity?

A. preservation of wild animals

B. preservation of fires

C. clear felling

D. economy in lumbering

Answer: C

7. Soil erosion can be prevented by

A. Afforestation

B. overgrazing

C. increasing birds population

D. removal of vegetation

Answer: A

8. The energy produced by the hydel-power plant is

A. Non-polluting and non-renewable

B. Polluting and non-renewable

C. Non-polluting and renewable

D. Polluting and renewable

Answer: c

9. This is an example of non-polluting renewable type of energy

A. tidal

B. wind

C. solar

D. all of these

Answer: D

10. Demersal fish is obtained from

A. open sea

B. sea bottom

C. estuaries

D. lakes

Answer: B

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