Food Security MCQs and Answers – Agriculture

In this post we are going to discuss about Food Security MCQs and Answers. Food security is one of the most important aspects of public health, but most people are not aware of its significance. Access to food is one of the most critical components that determines whether people are healthy or sick. Food security also has social implications for individuals and families. A person does not have to be poor to go hungry; quite often, they just need help to start preparing quality meals at home. We already published Agriculture MCQs and Answer that will help you the most.

Food Security MCQs and Answers

1. Where can we find seasonal hunger?

a) Urban

b) Metro cities

c) Forest

d) Rural areas

Answer: d

2. Buffer stock scheme purpose is______________

a) To save food grains from pest attack

b) To stop price fluctuations

c) To transport the food

d) To deliver the food

Answer: b

3. How many pillars are there in food security according to WHO?

a) One

b) Two

c) Three

d) Four

Answer: c

4. In which state of India Amul headquarter situated?

a) Kerala

b) Bihar

c) Gujarat

d) West Bengal

Answer: c

5. F.C.I stands for__________________

a) Food Center of India

b) Food Center of Investigation

c) Food Complex of Integrity

d) Food Corporation of India

Answer: d

6. When did the word food security came into exist?

a) 1970

b) 1972

c) 1974

d) 1976

Answer: c

7. Coping Strategies Index is related to_______________

a) Financial statement

b) Food security measurement

c) Banking sector

d) Sales

Answer: b

8. MSP stands for_________________

a) Maximum support price

b) Minimum support price

c) Marginal support price

d) Main support price

Answer: b

9. Annapurna scheme provide food requirements of____________

a) Children

b) Women

c) Senior citizens

d) Students

Answer: c

10. The official document entitling the holder to a ration of food issued by the government of India is known as____________

a) Ration card

b) Food card

c) Health card

d) Insurance card

Answer: a

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