Impact of Globalisation on Agriculture MCQs and Answers

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy and is vital for its growth and sustenance. The growth in agriculture, thus needs to be ensured with security and sustainability that is offered by globalisation. In this post we are going to discuss Impact of Globalisation on Agriculture MCQs and Answers. We already published Agriculture MCQs and Answer that will help you the most.

Impact of Globalisation on Agriculture MCQs

1. India exports which crops

(a) rice

(b) cotton

(c) soya beans

(d) all of these

Answer: d

2. Which one of the following is announced by the government in support of a crop?

(a) Maximum support price

(b) Minimum support price

(c) Moderate support price

(d) Influential support price

Answer: b

3. Which of the following is/are the benefits of Globalisation on Agriculture?

(a) Growth in low-income countries

(b) Various variety of crops

(c) Standard food availability

(d) All of these

Answer: d

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