Money And Credit Class 10 MCQ Online Test

These Money And Credit Class 10 MCQ Online Test is most important for your upcoming Class 10 Board exam as well as Competitive exams.

Money And Credit Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Which can be used as the best medium of exchange?


Which is/are modern forms of money?


Who issues the currency notes in India?


Which among the following banks issues currency notes on behalf of the Central Government in India?


What do the banks do with the deposits which I they accept from the customers?


What is the main source of income of a bank?


An agreement in which the lender supplies the borrower with money, goods or services in return for the promise of future payment refers to


Which body (authority) supervises the functioning of formal sources of loans?


Money-lenders usually demand a ‘security’ from the borrower. What is the formal word used for the ‘security’, such as land, vehicle, livestock, building, etc.?


Which among the following options will be the cheapest source of credit in rural areas?


In which country is the Grameen Bank meeting the credit needs of over 6 million poor people?


A typical Self Help Group usually has


Which of the following is not an informal source of credit?


Why is currency accepted as a medium of exchange?


What is the defect of the barter system?


Which of the following is the credit money?


Which among the following is the near money?


Which of the following is the feature of money?


In order to encourage investment in the economy, the Central Bank may ________


Institution that accepts deposits for lending purpose is known as __________


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