Carbon And Its Compounds Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Carbon And Its Compounds Class 10 MCQ Online Test

What kind of bonds are present in diamond?


The group 14 elements form _____________ hydrides.


Which of the following elements does not belong to the Carbon family?


Which of the following group 14 elements is a metal?


What is the colour of silicon?


What is the fajan’s rule about?


Do Carbon family elements show multiple bonding?


Which of the following statements are correct for carbon compounds?

(i) Most carbon compounds are good conductors of electricity.

(ii) Most carbon compounds are poor conductors of electricity.

(iii) Force of attraction between molecules of carbon compounds is not very strong.

(iv) Force of attraction between molecules of carbon compounds is very strong.


C3H8 belongs to the homologous series of


The number of isomers of pentane is


Which of the following will undergo addition reactions?


When ethanoic acid is treated with NaHCO the gas evolved is


Ethanol on complete oxidation gives


Which of the following will give a pleasant smell of ester when heated with ethanol and a small quantity of sulphuric acid?


Name the functional group present in CH3COCH3.


Why does carbon form compounds mainly by covalent bonding?


Addition reactions are undergone by


Identify ‘A’ in the following reaction:

CH3COOH + Na2CO3 → A + CO2 + H0O


Which of the following belongs to homologous series of alkynes?

C6H6, C2H6, C2H4, C3H4.


A hydrocarbon has four carbon atoms. Give its molecular formula if it is an alkene.


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