Control And Coordination Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Control And Coordination Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Which nerves transmit impulses from the central nervous system towards muscle cells?


A microscopic gap between a pair of adjacent neurons over which nerve impulses pass is called


The highest coordinating centre in the human body is


Main function of cerebrum is


Posture and balance of the body is controlled by


Breathing is controlled by which part of the brain?


Which part of nervous system controls the reflex activities of the body?


Which of the following acts as both endocrine and exocrine gland?


Identify which of the following statements about thyroxin is incorrect?


Which gland secretes the growth hormone?


The secretion of which hormone leads to physical changes in the body when you are 10-12 years of age?


A diabetic patient suffers from deficiency of which hormone?


Which of the following endocrine glands does not exist in pairs?


Which of these is not a function of PTH?


What is the shape of the thymus gland?


Which of these statements is false about thymus?


Where are the adrenal glands located?


What is the disease caused by the deficiency of adrenal cortex hormones?


Catecholamines are secreted by the ______


Which of these hormones would be rapidly secreted in a man if he was being chased by a dog?


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