Heredity And Evolution Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Heredity And Evolution Class 10 MCQ Online Test

In human males all the chromosomes are paired perfectly except one. This/these unpaired chromosome is/are

(i) large chromosome

(ii) small chromosome

(iii) Y-chromosome

(iv) X-chromosome


A zygote which has an X-chromosome inherited from the father will develop into a


New species may be formed if

(i) DNA undergoes significant changes in germ cells

(ii) chromosome number changes in the gamete

(iii) there is no change in the genetic material

(iv) mating does not take place


Two pea plants one with round green seeds (RRyy) and another with wrinkled yellow (rrYY) seeds produce F1 progeny that have round, yellow (RrYy) seeds. When F1 plants are selfed, the F2 progeny will have new combination of characters. Choose the new combination from the following:

(i) Round, yellow

(ii) Round, green

(iii) Wrinkled, yellow

(iv) Wrinkled, green


A basket of vegetables contains carrot, potato, radish and tomato. Which of them represent the correct homologous structures?


If the fossil of an organism is found in the deeper layers of Earth, then we can predict that


A trait in an organism is influenced by


Select the group which shares maximum number of common characters.


According to the evolutionary theory, formation of a new species is generally due to


Select the statements that describe characteristics of genes

(i) genes are specific sequence of bases in a DNA molecule

(ii) a gene does not code for proteins

(iii) in individuals of a given species, a specific gene is located on a particular chromosome

(iv) each chromosome has only one gene


In peas, a pure tall plant (TT) is crossed with a short plant (tt). The ratio of pure tall plants to short plants in F2 is


Some dinosaurs had feathers although they could not fly but birds have feathers that help them to fly. In the context of evolution this means that


Which of the following animals rely on environmental factors for sex determination?


How is the sex of grasshopper determined?


The chromosomal basis of sex determination was discovered by which of the following scientists?


Which of the following scientists discovered the Y-chromosome.


In which of the following organisms, the male heterogametic condition is not observed?


Which of the following determines the sex of the offspring in male heterogametic conditions?


In which of the following animals, there is a difference between the male and female numbers of chromosomes?


Which of the following does not show XY type of male heterogametic condition?


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