How Do Organisms Reproduce Class 10 MCQ Online Test

How Do Organisms Reproduce Class 10 MCQ Online Test

The embryo in humans gets nutrition from the mother’s blood with the help of a special tissue called


Which among the following diseases is not sexually transmitted?


Which of the following method of contraception protects from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases?


In human males, the testes lie in the scrotum, because it helps in the


What is the period of growth known as in plants?


Which plant is the “terror of Bengal”?


From where do rhizomes arise?


How does Bryophyllum reproduce?


What is the period from birth to natural death of an organism known as?


During favourable conditions, Amoeba reproduces by


A feature of reproduction that is common to Amoeba, Yeast and Spirogyra is that


The ability of a cell to divide into several cells during reproduction in Plasmodium is called


Bryophyllum can be propagated vegetatively by the


Vegetative propagation refers to formation of new plants from


In a potato, vegetative propagation takes place by:


Vegetatively propagated plants


Spirogyra reproduce by


In Rhizopus, tubular thread like structures bearing sporangia at their tips are called


Plants like banana, rose, jasmine, orange have lost the capacity to produce


The flower of the Hibiscus plant is


Class 10 Science Online Test (Chapter-wise)

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Chapter 7: Control and CoordinationOnline TestMCQs and Answers
Chapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce?Online TestMCQs and Answers
Chapter 9: Heredity and EvolutionOnline TestMCQs and Answers
Chapter 10: Light Reflection and RefractionOnline TestMCQs and Answers
Chapter 11: The Human Eye and Colourful WorldOnline TestMCQs and Answers
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