Our Environment Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Our Environment Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Among the following choose the correct option which contains only biodegradable items?

(i) Wood, paper, PVC

(ii) Paper, seeds, detergent,

(iii) Paper, animal excreta, wood

(iv) Wool, leaves, paper


Which among the following statements is incorrect in view of the plants?


In a food chain the second trophic level is occupied by:


Every food chain in the ecosystem begins with………. which are the original source of food.


We should reduce the use of the plastic bags, bottles etc. because:


Green plants utilize ……… percent of sun’s energy to prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis?


The process of accumulation of harmful chemical substances like pesticides, in the body of living organisms at each trophic level of a food chain is known as:


Which of the following may be a conclusion of the excessive exposure of humans to sun’s ultraviolet rays?

(i) Peptic ulcers

(ii) Eye disease like cataract

(iii) Damage to lungs

(iv) Skin cancer


Which among the following is a correct full form for DDT?


If 100 J energy is available at the producer level in a food chain then the energy available to the secondary consumer will be:


What will happen if deer is missing in the food chain given below?

Grass → Deer → Tiger


Which of the following substances will not be converted to compost when added in a composting pit?


Global warming is a phenomenon related to:


Which of the following radiations is responsible for the conversion of atmospheric oxygen to ozone?


The substance which is chiefly responsible for the depletion of ozone layer is:


Resources which are directly derived from nature are referred to as


Resources that take too long a period of time to be used as a resource are called as


The fossil fuel that is derived from the dead remains of plants that grew some 250 million years ago is


A resource that cannot be replaced in a reasonably short time is usually referred to as


Man made resources are alternative to natural resources for a variety of reasons. Which of these would not be one of those?


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