Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Class 10 MCQ Online Test

The degraded Arabari forests were revived by the efforts of


The degraded Arabari forests were revived by the efforts of


Which plan has been started by government to control pollution of Ganga?


Which pH range is most suitable for life of fresh water plants and animals?


The most appropriate definition of a natural resource is that it is a substance/commodity that is


The main cause for abundant coliform bacteria in the river Ganga is


Among the statements given below select the ones that correctly describe the concept of sustainable development

(i) Planned growth with minimum damage to the environment

(ii) Growth irrespective of the extent of damage caused to the environment

(iii) Stopping all developmental work to conserve the environment

(iv) Growth that is acceptable to all the stakeholders


In our country, there are attempts to increase the height of several existing dams like Tehri and Almati, dams across Narmada. Choose the correct statements among the following that are a consequence of raising the height of dams

(i) Terrestrial flora and fauna of the area is destroyed completely

(ii) Dislocation of people and domestic animals living in the area

(iii) Valuable agricultural land may be permanently lost

(iv) It will generate permanent employment for people


Select the incorrect statement.


Pick the right combination of terms which has no fossil fuel.


Select the eco-friendly activity among the following:


A successful forest conservation strategy should involve


Arabari forests of Bengal is dominated by


What is “3E”?


Which of the following is the 7th goal of the eight millennium goals of United Nations?


Which of the following is relates the three elements of “3E”?


Which of the following ensures sustainable growth?


Sustainable development requires that energy resource ________


Which of the following contributes towards growth of economic and energy?


Which of the following energy resources seems inexhaustible?


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