Democracy And Diversity Class 10 MCQ Online Test

This Democracy And Diversity Class 10 MCQ Online Test is most important for all students of CBSE Class 10.

Democracy And Diversity Class 10 MCQ Online Test

Identify the countries which faced the problem of social divisions.


Which one of the following statements is not correct about social division?


A form of democracy in which citizens elect representatives to make governing decisions on their behalf is a:


Democracy originated


Direct democracy is the system in which


In democratic Athens, which of the following groups were not allowed to participate in politics?


In which country of Africa, democracy was replaced by military in 1966?


In which country there is no democracy?


Powerful theoretical backing for democracy was provided by


What was one major demand in the nineteenth century struggles for democracy?


Which of the following incidents accelerated the process of democracy in the world after 1990?


Which of these is a defining characteristic of democracy?


Which of the following statements about social differences in the Netherlands and Northern Ireland are correct?

A. Both Northern Ireland and the Netherlands are predominantly Christian but divided between Catholics and Protestants.

B. In Northern Ireland class and religion overlap each other.

C. Overlapping social differences do not create possibilities of deep social divisions and tensions.

D. In the Netherlands, class and religion tend to cut across each other.


Which of these statements regarding factors affecting politics of social divisions are true?

A. It is much easier if the people see that their identities are multiple and are complementary with national identity.

B. If people see their identities in singular and exclusive terms, it becomes very easy to accommodate.

C. It is easier to accommodate demands that are within the constitutional framework and not at the cost of another community.

D. It depends on how the government reacts to demands of different groups.


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