India, Russia sign 4 defence agreement amid 2+2 dialogue

India and Russia have signed four agreements for defence cooperation amid the ongoing 2+2 dialogue involving defence and foreign ministers of the two countries.

While the first three documents were signed by the officials of two sides, a Protocol was signed by the Defence Ministers of India and Russia.

A Protocol on amending the agreement between India and Russia on cooperation in the field of Kalashnikov Series Small Arms Manufacturing dated February 18, 2019, was among the four agreements

The contract for procurement of 6,01,427 AK-203 Assault Rifles through Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited that will be manufactured in India was also signed. In addition, 70,000 rifles will be procured off the shelf from Russia for which the agreement was signed in August.

The agreement on the program for Military-Technical Cooperation from 2021-2031 was also signed.

The fourth agreement signed was a protocol of the 20th India Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Military and Military-Technical Cooperation (IRIGC-M&MTC).