Top 20 Incredible Crypto Quiz and Answers (#Most Important)

Are you new to crypto? Are you a long-time enthusiast but want a quick refresher? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’re in luck. Below we’ve shared some quizzes that cover cryptocurrency and how it all works. We also have answers so you can test yourself after you’ve finished each quiz. These Incredible Crypto Quiz and Answers are collected from the various sources and will be helpful to you. We also published Cryptocurrency Quiz and Answers, that will help you the most.

Incredible Crypto Quiz and Answers

1. What was the launch price of bitcoin?

a) $0.24

b) $0.004

c) $0.0063

d) $0.0008

Answer: $0.24

2. What is the term for when a Blockchain splits?

a) A split

b) A division

c) A sidechain

d) A fork

Answer: A fork

3. Ethereum founder Charles Hoskinson also founded this Cryptocurrency:

a) Cardano

b) Stellar

c) Chainlink

d) Binance Coin

Answer: Cardano

4. Where do bitcoin transaction fees go?

a) Satoshi Nakamoto

b) Back into the blockchain

c) To the bitcoin miner

d) Used to create more tokens

Answer: To the bitcoin miner

6. What is cold storage?

a) A desktop wallet

b) Document storage outside of digital devices

c) A private key connected to the Internet

d) A private key not connected to the Internet

Answer: A private key not connected to the Internet

7. Which of these has the highest cap limit?

a) Dogecoin

b) Ethereum

c) Stellar XLM

d) Binance Coin

Answer: Dogecoin

8. Which of these is not a major concern with Ethereum?

a) Electrical construction of the blockchain

b) Energy Consumption from miners

c) Environmental impact from the blockchain

d) Gas Emissions caused by transactions

Answer: Electrical construction of the blockchain

9. What was the first bitcoin transaction used for?

a) Restaurant tip

b) A car

c) Rent

d) Pizza

Answer: Pizza

10. In 2009 how much would one block earn a miner?

a) 200 BTC

b) 50 BTC

c) 12.5 BTC

d) 25 BTC

Answer: 50 BTC

11. What was bitcoin’s record high price?

a) 68,350

b) 63,729

c) 71,882

d) 60,113

Answer: 63,729

12. How much ether did a hacker steal in 2016?

a) $25 million

b) $40 million

c) $50 million

d) $65 million

Answer: $50 million

13. What are the different types of tokens?

a) Platform

b) Privacy

c) Currency

d) All of the Above

Answer: All of the Above

14. What was the earliest Iteration of Cryptocurrencies?

a) Bitcoin

b) Litecoin

c) Hashcash

d) Digicash

Answer: Digicash

15. Which of these is not a quality of a Blockchain?

a) Structures its data into tables

b) Data is chained together

c) Decentralized

d) Viewed Transparently

Answer: Structures its data into tables

16. How many coins can Litecoin accommodate up to?

a) 64 million

b) 21 million

c) 84 million

d) 54 million

Answer: 84 million

17. When did Litecoin go live?

a) September 24, 2013

b) October 13, 2011

c) November 2, 2010

d) December 23, 2012

Answer: November 2, 2010

18. What does P2P stand for?

a) Password to Peer

b) Peer to Peer

c) Password to Product

d) Password to Password

Answer: Peer to Peer

19. Which of these most closely lines up with the meaning of mining Bitcoin?

a) Using your computer to verify the legitimacy of bitcoin transactions.

b) Using your computer to discover hidden bitcoin in the blockchain.

c) Using your computer to dig up blocks of bitcoin.

d) Using your computer to create new bitcoin tokens, which are added to the blockchain.

Answer: Using your computer to verify the legitimacy of bitcoin transactions.

20. What is the block reward for Dogecoin as of May 11, 2021?

a) 10,000

b) 15,000

c) 8,500

d) 2500

Answer: 10,000

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