TOP 50 Food Preservation Quiz and Answers

Food preservation is very important to every household. In this modern world of today, we are just not able to harvest as much food as we need. Moreover, if you notice, the fruits and vegetables that we buy from the super markets have a very low freshness level. So it is always advisable to have your own food preservation options at home so that you can live healthy. These Food Preservation Quiz and Answers are Livemcqs team.

Food Preservation Quiz and Answers

Which of the following statement with respect to food preservation is true?


Cereals are the major source of food in the world.


Cereals are a major source of carbohydrates.


Statement 1: Majority of the fish have more proteins than water.
Statement 2: Whole milk has more water than fat.


Statement 1: Nuts can be classified as high-fat, high-protein and high-carbohydrate.
Statement 2: Cashew nuts come under the high-carbohydrate category.


Statement 1: Are almonds high-fat or high-protein nuts?
Statement 2: Tiny fat globules in water are called butter.


Which of the following is a factor that affects the storage stability of food?


Which of the following sentence is true with respect to food storage/preservation?


Choose the true statement.


Statement 1: Foods of plant origin can be used as additives for food preservation.
Statement 2: Dry fruits and seeds are the most important higher plant structures used as food.


Statement 1: The stomach of a goat or a sheep has an enzyme called rennin which is used to make cottage/curd cheese.
Statement 2: Certain sea-foods such as shrimps and lobsters can destroy vitamin B-12 in the body if eaten raw due to the presence of an enzyme called thiaminase.


Bacteria and yeast can _____


Which of the following fact is correct with respect to the food preservation industry?


Statement 1: Shelf stable foods are considered non-perishable at room temperatures.
Statement 2: Protected from light also includes food items that are wrapped in an aluminium foil.


Dry storage means at a temperature about _____ and humidity below _____


With respect to the temperature of storage, the order for following methods of storage is as follows cool storage > refrigerated storage > freezer storage.


As a thumb rule in the food industry, reducing the temperature of storage by 10degC increases the life of food item by twice and increasing by 10degC reduces by half.


Shelf life is the period between processing to retail purchase to consuming of the food product.


Animal muscles have water as the majority of the content but the aim of humans is to extract the protein out of it and consume it.


Statement 1: Shellfish are consumed by local people.
Statement 2: Polished rice is just as nutritious as unpolished rice.