TOP 50 Meat Processing Quiz and Answers

Ever wonder how meat is processed? There’s actually a lot to know about the process and it can be a little bit confusing when you look at all the steps involved. That’s why we created this meat processing quiz. We wanted to make it a fun, educational experience that anyone could enjoy — so no previous experience is required. It’s time we put your curious nature to good use! These Meat Processing Quiz and Answers are composed by our Livemcqs team.

Meat Processing Quiz and Answers

Statement 1: Pasteurized products are kept at room temperature and Sterilized products are kept in refrigeration.
Statement 2: Canning is a process in which steam is sent in to sterilize the products.
Which of the following holds true for statement 1 and statement 2 respectively?


Statement 1: Dry preserved meat is smoked to give it flavour and increase its shelf life.
Statement 2: The above makes the meat hard.


Statement 1: Ham is from pork bellies. Bacon is from pork thighs.
Statement 2: Corned Beef is strips of beef cooked and cured in cans. It is the major export product of India.


Statement 1: Sausages are minced. A lot of spices are added to it.
Statement 2: The Sausage is then stuffed with stuffing. It is cooled and refrigerated. They’re then packed.


Coated meat products require _____


Certain bacteria are added to minced meat products. This activity is followed by dehydration. What is this activity called?


Statement 1: Fermentation of meat is done at a certain temperature and then brought done to certain moisture content.
Statement 2: The bacteria, during fermentation, produce lactic acid which lowers the pH of the meat and helps it stay longer.


Mina brought a meat product that was ‘ready to eat’ and she directly used between two slices of bread to make a sandwich. Which of the following is true about the above type of meat product?


When meat is passed through a coarse grinder plate it is called _____


Oil/Lemon/Vinegar + Spices applied to meat is called _____


Meat based bioactive peptides have certain nutraceutical effects.


Soya is a meat analogue. This means it can be used with certain meat stuffing to increase the bulk as it has a similar texture as that of meat. This is done with proper labeling.


Which of the following is a technique applied to the processing of fresh meat?


Statement 1: A lot of changes take place in meat on storing at a chilled temperature. These change muscle to meat.
Statement 2: The above process is called ageing or conditioning.


Statement 1: Canned, Frozen, Dry- preserved and cured meats are types of meat present.
Statement 2: Sausages, Prepared dinner meats, fermented and Poultry meats are the types of meat present.