50+ Social Networking Security Quiz and Answers (Cyber Security)

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Social Networking Security Quiz and Answers

Which of the following is not an appropriate measure for securing social networking accounts?


Which of them is a proper measure of securing social networking account?


________________ is a popular tool to block social-media websites to track your browsing activities.


Try to keep your passwords without meaning so that _____________ attack becomes almost impossible to perform successfully.


Increase your security for social media account by always ____________ as you step away from the system.


Part of the social media sites are the various games & 3rd party applications which helps ______________ to get access to your data.


Many social media sites and services provide _______________ for legitimate account verification.


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What are the security issues in social networks?

Users share a huge amount of personal data on SNSs, and this data might reveal them to various internet threats, such as identity theft, spamming, phishing, online predators, internet fraud, and other cybercriminal attacks.

What are 2/3 Best Practices for social media security?

Best Practices for Social Media Security
(i) Think before you share.
(ii) Practice good account hygiene.
(iii) Keep corporate accounts secure.
(iv) Beware of Cyberpropaganda.
(v) Staying safe on audio-only apps.

What is the role of security in social networking?

Information security is very important these days to anyone using a computer or to any organization that employs computers and networking in their day to day operations. That is nearly everyone. Confidentiality deals with making sure only authorized people have access to the information.

How does social media affect security?

However, social media may also hinder national security. It plays a controversial role in information warfare, may be used as a recruitment tool by terrorists as well as by criminals and hacktivists for purposes of misinformation and spreading uncontrollable threats.