TOP 50+ Sniffing Quiz and Answers (Cyber Security)

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Sniffing Quiz and Answers

Which of them is not an objective of sniffing for hackers?


Which of the following tech-concepts cannot be sniffed?


Which of the following tech-concepts cannot be sniffed?


Which of the below-mentioned protocol is not susceptible to sniffing?


Which of the below-mentioned protocol is not susceptible to sniffing?


There are __________ types of sniffing.


Which of the following is not a sniffing tool?


A ______________ on the whole turns your system’s NIC to the licentious mode so that it can listen to all your data transmitted on its division.


In _____________ sniffing, the network traffic is not only supervised & locked but also be can be altered in different ways to accomplish the attack.


__________________ are those devices which can be plugged into your network at the hardware level & it can monitor traffic.


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What does it mean if someone is sniffing?

You can use sniff to indicate that someone says something in a way that shows their disapproval or contempt. If someone sniffs at something, they do not think it is good enough, or they express their contempt for it.

What is an example of sniffing?

In active sniffing, attackers seize data packets by manipulating switch-based networks. Most networks today use a switch, which is a device connecting two network endpoints. … Common examples of active sniffing include MAC flooding, DNS (Domain Name Servers) spoofing, ARP (address resolution protocol) spoofing etc.

What is sniffing and spoofing?

To start with, there are two common types of Internet security breaches, sniffing and spoofing. *Sniffing is the act of intercepting and inspecting data packets using sniffers (Software or hardware devices) over the Net. On the other hand, *Spoofing is the act of identity impersonation.

What are the types of sniffing?

There are two main types of sniffing techniques: passive and active sniffing. The type of sniffing technique used depends on the structure of the network one is trying to sniff. Passive sniffing works with hubs, but if switches are involved, active sniffing is required.

Why do people sniff talking?

Sniffs often function as a delay device, much like throat clearings, helping an individual signal to others they are about to speak. When used in the middle of a conversation, sniffing often signals that the individual is hesitating or searching for the right word before they resume speaking.