TOP 50 + Spywares Quiz and Answers (Cyber Security)

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Spywares Quiz and Answers

Which of the following activity is not done by spyware?


Which of the following activity is not done by spyware?


It actually infects your device easily & makes it hard to _____________


There are __________ main types of spyware.


_____________ track the user’s online activities like search queries, history pages & downloads, for selling purposes.


_____________ tracks your data and displays those products as ads for promotions.


_________________ disguises them as legitimate software & appear as Java or Flash Player updates. They will periodically collect your system data and send it to its creator.


____________ records all your key-strokes, chat-room dialogs, program run in your system, and system details.


Which of the following do not lead you to invite spyware into your system?


Which of the following is not an anti-spyware tool?


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What are examples of spyware?

Top 7 examples of Spyware Threats are
1. Gator (GAIN)
2. 180search Assistant
3. ISTbar/AUpdate
4. Transponder (vx2)
5. Internet Optimizer
6. BlazeFind
7. Hot as Hell

What is term spyware?

Spyware is the term given to a category of software which aims to steal personal or organisational information. Once a spyware gets successfully installed, it starts sending the data from that computer in the background to some other place.

What a spyware can do?

Spyware is loosely defined as malicious software designed to enter your computer device, gather data about you, and forward it to a third-party without your consent. Spyware can also refer to legitimate software that monitors your data for commercial purposes like advertising.

What are rootkits used for?

A rootkit allows someone to maintain command and control over a computer without the computer user/owner knowing about it. Once a rootkit has been installed, the controller of the rootkit has the ability to remotely execute files and change system configurations on the host machine.