50+ Elements of Security Quiz and Answers (Cyber Security)

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Elements of Security Quiz and Answers

When integrity is lacking in a security system, _________ occurs.


_______ of information means, only authorised users are capable of accessing the information.


Why these 4 elements (confidentiality, integrity, authenticity & availability) are considered fundamental?


This helps in identifying the origin of information and authentic user. This referred to here as __________


Data ___________ is used to ensure confidentiality.


Which of these is not a proper method of maintaining confidentiality?


Data integrity gets compromised when _____ and _____ are taken control off.


______ is the latest technology that faces an extra challenge because of CIA paradigm.


One common way to maintain data availability is __________


In general how many key elements constitute the entire security structure?


According to the CIA Triad, which of the below-mentioned element is not considered in the triad?


This is the model designed for guiding the policies of Information security within a company, firm or organization. What is “this” referred to here?


CIA triad is also known as ________


When you use the word _____ it means you are protecting your data from getting disclosed.


______ means the protection of data from modification by unknown users.


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