50+ Enumerating in Cyber Security Quiz and Answers (Cyber Security)

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Enumerating in Cyber Security Quiz and Answers

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Enumeration is done to gain information. Which of the following cannot be achieved using enumeration?



Enumeration does not depend on which of the following services?



__________ suite is used for NTP enumeration.



enum4linux is used to enumerate _______________



___________ is used that tries for guessing the usernames by using SMTP service.



Even our emails contain the IP address of the sender which helps in the enumeration. We can get this IP from ___________ from within the email.



Network enumeration is the finding of __________ or devices on a network.



A _______________ is a computer program implemented for recovering usernames & info on groups, shares as well as services of networked computers.



Network enumerator is also known as



Attackers commonly target ____________ for fetching IP address of a target or victim user.


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