50+ Firewalls Quiz and Answers (Cyber Security)

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Firewalls Quiz and Answers

Firewall examines each ____________ that are entering or leaving the internal network.


A firewall protects which of the following attacks?


There are ______ types of firewall.


Packet filtering firewalls are deployed on ________


In the ______________ layer of OSI model, packet filtering firewalls are implemented.


The __________ defines the packet filtering firewall rules.


ACL stands for _____________


When a packet does not fulfil the ACL criteria, the packet is _________


Network administrators can create their own ACL rules based on _______ ________ and _______


One advantage of Packet Filtering firewall is __________


Packet filtering firewalls work effectively in _________ networks.


Packet filtering firewalls are vulnerable to __________


Circuit-level gateway firewalls are installed in _______ layer of OSI model.


Which of these comes under the advantage of Circuit-level gateway firewalls?


Which of the following is a disadvantage of Circuit-level gateway firewalls?


_____________ gateway firewalls are deployed in application-layer of OSI model.


Application level gateway firewalls protect the network for specific _____________


___________ firewalls are a combination of other three types of firewalls.


Stateful Multilayer Inspection firewall cannot perform which of the following?


We can also implement ____________ in Stateful Multilayer Inspection firewall.


One advantage of Stateful Multilayer Inspection firewall is __________


Packet filtering firewalls are also called ____________


Stateful Multilayer firewalls are also called ____________


Application layer firewalls are also called ____________


Firewalls can be of _______ kinds.


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