50+ Types of Cyber Attacks Quiz and Answers (Cyber Security)

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Types of Cyber Attacks Quiz and Answers

The amateur or newbie in the field of hacking who don’t have many skills about coding and in-depth working of security and hacking tools are called ________


Suicide Hackers are those _________


Criminal minded individuals who work for terrorist organizations and steal information of nations and other secret intelligence are _________


One who disclose information to public of a company, organization, firm, government and private agency and he/she is the member or employee of that organization; such individuals are termed as ___________


These types of hackers are the most skilled hackers in the hackers’ community. Who are “they” referred to?


_________ are those individuals who maintain and handles IT security in any firm or organization.


Role of security auditor is to ____________


________ are senior level corporate employees who have the role and responsibilities of creating and designing secured network or security structures.


__________ security consultants uses database security monitoring & scanning tools to maintain security to different data residing in the database / servers / cloud.


Governments hired some highly skilled hackers. These types of hackers are termed as _______


Someone (from outside) who tests security issues for bugs before launching a system or application, and who is not a part of that organization or company are ______


Hackers who help in finding bugs and vulnerabilities in a system & don’t intend to crack a system are termed as ________


Which is the legal form of hacking based on which jobs are provided in IT industries and firms?


They are nefarious hackers, and their main motive is to gain financial profit by doing cyber crimes. Who are “they” referred to here?


________ are the combination of both white as well as black hat hackers.


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