Top 50 Diversity in the Living World MCQ and Answers (The Living World)

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Diversity in the Living World MCQ and Answers

Azadirachta indica var. minor Valeton belongs to the genus ________


The scientific name of lion is _________


Which among the following statements are correct?


The word “Taxa” means ________


Which of the following taxa are in their increasing order of their similarities?


Magnifera indica and Azadirachta indica belongs to __________


The number of described species of living organisms is _________


The organisation of the biological world begins with __________


Which of the following books is not written by Carolus Linnaeus?


Who is the Father of New Systematics?


A taxon can be defined as _________


Which among the following is not a code of nomenclature for organisms?


Statement A: Species is the basic unit of classification.

Statement B: Two plants can be said to belong to the same species if they can reproduce freely with each other and form seeds.


Statement A: The process of classification is called taxonomy.

Statement B: Characterisation, identification, classification and nomenclature are basic to taxonomy.


Which of the following takes into account evolutionary relationships between organisms?


What is the expansion of ICBN?


Which among the following is involved in the naming of the animals scientifically?


What do you think is the need of nomenclature?


A binomial nomenclature consists of _______ and_________


Binomial nomenclature is given by ____________


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