Top 50 Nomenclature MCQ and Answers (The Living World)

This post “Nomenclature MCQ and answers” will enrich your knowledge about the topics of Nomenclature of Living Organisms. It comprises of MCQ and answers. We also published Class 11 Biology Chapter 1 MCQ and Answers, that will help you the most.

Nomenclature MCQ and Answers

Magnifera Indica belongs to the family ________


Homo sapiens belong to the genus ________


Canis auerus belongs to the family _______


Binomial nomenclature of Potato is _________


The binomial nomenclature of peacock is _________


Pick the incorrect statement.


Binomial nomenclature of Wheat is _________


Which among the following is not a rule for writing binomial nomenclature?


Felis catus is the scientific name of __________


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