Srimanta Shankardev – The Great man of Assam

Assamese art culture and emotions have always been involved in the repeated creativity of the great man Srimanta Shankardev. The fact of the matter is that a narrow attempt can be made to keep Srimanta Shankardev confined to the boundaries of the preacher. Later, in the current situation, it is time to project him more as a reformer, life-giving preacher and pioneer of cultural awakening.

Along with him, there is a need to consider the literary history of Madhavdev and contemporary writers in terms of publishing and literary standards without keeping it away from the originality. It is not advisable to leave this literature in the only exclusive chamber of ancient Vaishnava literature. It is not just about students studying literature or a small number of concerned people below.

Similarly, from a social scientific point of view, we feel that it is more important for the people of Assam, especially the people of Assam, to realize his contribution with deep insight. Therefore, we can also call it an important issue for the Assamese nation to launch a study revolution covering the overall work of Srimanta Sankaradeva.

It may be our absolute necessity today to make this duty a reality by considering it our sacred duty to develop and expand the caste system by spreading the promotion of suitable content related to Srimanta Sankaradeva at the juncture of existential endangered. In today’s ‘Google’ world, things need to be brought into a more new form. In such a situation, we should propagate and spread thousands of appropriate writings about Srimanta Sankaradeva, Madhavdev, Bhattadev etc. as found in the search engine.

Srimanta Sankaradeva’s Anupam Sahitya Kirti, Bhawana Culture, Geet Maat, Sur Tal Laya, Darshan etc. are being discussed in various media. Writing is being matched. The visual content is enough. Nevertheless, it is not that much of Google’s vast scope. For example, Srimanta shankardev’s priceless creation suo bhawana culture needs to be made available on search engines like Google if we want to get all the content in hand.

The availability of these content must be increased equally in our mother tongue and other languages. But the number of keywords associated with pretending as well as related writing is still very low. In such a situation we have a lot to do whether it is about pretending or other contributions of Shankardev.

Now come to other issues related to Srimanta Shankardev. The name Eksharan dharma or Eksharan Vaishnavism or other motives that do not seem to be, he taught the people of Assam to realize spirituality and showed the way to selfless devotion. There was no policy of imposing it. Srimanta Sankaradeva certainly has a huge contribution in lifting with cultural and cultural values by sharing a huge traditional tradition. That is not a question of neglect. But the oscillating state of the path difference has seen an disrespect for ‘Srimanta Sankaradeva Centric Consciousness’ among a few people.

On the other hand, the tendency to impose gods on Shankardev and keep him or his creation confined within the slap is also felt. So there is a need to clarify some of the special issues in the course of Shankardev charcha. Ashaishav Many of us have got an opportunity to study Shankardev regularly through a few messages like Manikanchan, Chintamani etc.

Hundreds of books related to Srimanta Shankardev have already been written. A large number of these books have been researched and evaluated in these books and the entire satriya and shankari culture has been scientifically studied. Even then the idea of ignoring Shankardev among some is something to be considered somewhere. The question is, the narrow vision of differences in the places of Assam, the cultural differences of the community and socio-political polarisation is squeezed into a small box as if we were feeling.

We have found shankardev, a man, to find a life of peace, to lead a stress-free life, to establish non-violent connections and to embrace values. Shankardev has also taught us to maintain a nature and equivalent environmental condition. The apparent concept of world court is always pronounced in the era of globalization. But while thinking of Srimanta Shankardev as nim to the world court, it is seen that something related to the Shankardev study in Assam mulukhas is yet to be completed.

A kind of inter-colonial pressure has also contributed to this situation. Maheshwar Neog, Satyendranath Sharma, Birinchi Kumar Baruah, Dimbeswar Neog, Laxminath Bezbaruah, Bhupen Hazarika etc. did not all dare to lift Shankardev freely. For example, Satyendra Nath Sharma’s ‘The Neo Vaishnavite Movement and the Satra Institution of Assam’ has a fair view of the background of the Vaishnava movement, cultural awakening, the role of sattar, etc.

It cannot be said that the entire history has projected Srimanta Shankardev in the periphery of bound consciousness by reading everything or looking at the words of the charit books. Yet somewhere there is a little bit of hard work to be done.

One can say that even if it is not, we can survive. It is with the economy and technology that we have come down to life. But should we forget that our world of thought is being influenced by different forces? We have found a worthy unequal child to judge at what moment the complexity of the human mind makes us inhuman by being a fool. Shankardev’s philosophy can show us a right path by uniting in numerous philosophical consciousnesses. So how can I ignore Shankardev! So there is a need for Srimanta Shankardev Jagran.

This perfection has to come first in Assam. The global campaign has to continue in parallel. It is important to encourage generations to understand him not only on the periphery of religion but also with the prevalence of philosophy of life. Whatever our way of worship, the door related to shankardev study can be opened for everyone. Shankardev has given easy literature, voiced songs, theatre, given nature knowledge, gave way to human love.

Among these contributions, his special theatrical pretense can be termed as a great manifestation of the entire cultural movement. All the elements like song maat, vadya, sur taal laya, dance etc. are reflected in this pretend tradition. This universe, which started with the pretend of an ankia nut, has evolved into a phase of mother tongue pretense today. The pre-existing Brahwali language is being pretended to be held in different regions. Apart from the Brajwali language plays composed by the two Shankar-Madhav gurus, the bhawana is currently being held on the basis of mother tongue plays written by various playwrights at various times.

But the language of ancient literature is still infused in these mother tongue pretending plays. In fact many writing fairs related to pretense are taking place in different mediums in the past, many content is now available in visual media as well. But this is negligible for google’s vast empire. The lack of this content is seen in its own language. There is a need for more expansion in international languages.

On the other hand it is desirable to organize environmental arts like bhawana culture all over Assam. One thing is seen that many cultural content areas of our Assam are particularly confined. People from one part of Assam need to be a movement to master and exchange folk arts or other environmental arts located at another end. Not only with the spread of pretense but also from all the theatre traditions of Assam like Oja Pali, Yatra etc. to folk festivals have to be taken up with intuition. Everyone should learn their performance on the side.

Under no circumstances should the assam identity be covered by regional discrimination. Srimanta Sankaradeva was, is and will be a pioneer of this coordination. We can also ensure that we and the future generations have a wide spread of culture and poverty. Srimanta Shankardev and his creation and ideals have to be put on the hearts of the world and to do so we have to develop gurujana’s ideals and cultural creations in ‘Google’ or other mediums.