Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

Which of the following company recently announced that it would buy Activision Blizzard?

A. Microsoft
B. Google
C. Twitter
D. None of the above

Answer: Microsoft

Explanation:  Microsoft Corp announced on January 18 that it would buy Activision Blizzard, the maker of superhit video games Call of Duty and Candy Crush, for $68.7 billion in cash.

This is the largest deal in the sector, and makes Microsoft, maker of the Xbox gaming console, the third-largest gaming company by revenue after Tencent and Sony, the company said.

The acquisition underlines the importance Microsoft attaches to video games in the coming digital world dominated by virtual and augmented reality.

The deal is expected to boost Microsoft against Facebook, the biggest player in the metaverse. By adding Activision, Microsoft is betting that people would want to play major games on not just phones, consoles, or computers, but also in VR.