AT4 Weapon Contract

Swedish defence major Saab’s AT4 anti-armour weapon had been selected by the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force through a competitive programme for a single-shot weapon.

The Indian armed forces are a new customer for AT4. This order includes the AT4CS AST, which can be fired from confined spaces such as from inside buildings, bunkers and other urban environments. It weighs around 9 kg and has an effective range of 200 m.

The AT4 systems are combat-proven across the world. They are lightweight, single-shot, fully disposable and truly characterised by its ease of use and handling.

The AT4CS AST offered a tandem warhead with a breach or blast mode, which was optimised to defeat enemies within buildings and to destroy structures, which could create a point of access into them.

Operated by a single soldier, this single-shot system had proven efficacy against structures, landing craft, helicopters, armoured vehicles and personnel.